Legendary riding, hero dirt, and 360 degree alpine views.

The Revelstoke mountain biking scene is legendary for the ease of alpine backcountry access, fun and flowy cross-country mountain biking trails, and downhill mountain biking. Spring and early summer offer lower-elevation rainforest trails with tacky dirt, big trees, and an otherworldly sea of green. Alpine mountain biking adventures abound in the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges; whether you’re looking for shuttle-accessed downhill mountain biking, a cross-country biking tour, or an epic hike-a-bike.

Keep in mind, our local trails are volunteer maintained. Leave a positive impact as a traveller by donating some Trail Karma or purchasing an RCA Membership.

revelstoke cut block with mountain biker on a skinny feature
Berm Donor | Photo by Olly Hogan @oldxtrip

Mount Macpherson


A cross-country playground where you can pedal your heart out under the cover of old growth and second growth forest. With over 40km of classic singletrack and inter-connected logging roads, Mount Macpherson offers trails suitable for adaptive riders, Class 1 E-biking (pedal assist only), first-timers, experts, and everything in between.

If you're young or young at heart, 'miller time' and Rotary Skills Park are a great place to start.

Looking for an easy, breezy, beautiful ride through the rainforest? Check out local fan-fav Beaver Trails, Toad School & Break-A-Leg.

Looking for a challenge? Humble yourself with a pedal along Tantrum, Root Canal, and Sloe Grin. Looking for an extra dose of adrenaline? Fly down Super Happy Fun or check out the black features on Flowdown.

Rooster, Boulder Mountain | Photo by Laura Szanto
Rooster, Boulder Mountain | Photo by Laura Szanto



Tackle steep loamers, rooty tech, packed flow trails, or session the Detention Centre, a jump & drop zone. Most riders shuttle, but the FSR can be pedaled for more of a workout. Downhill safety gear is strongly recommended.

Something to look forward to is the construction of a blue climb trail commencing the summer of 2023 from the parking lot to the top of Gravy Bacon!

IMPORTANT: The Jordan FSR is an active resource road, with gravel truck traffic. Radios are required while shuttling the road. Please drive with caution as there are numerous spots where trails cross the road.

dog on sunnyside mtb trails revelstoke
Sunnyside Laps | Photo by Abby Cooper



Welcome to the sunny side of town! It's the first trail network to thaw out in the spring and the last to lose light in the summer evenings. Our newest MTB network in Revelstoke contains a punchy 300m climb, a great lookout at the top and then loops all the way down with a tech flow descent featuring big berms and tabletop jumps.

IMPORTANT: You are riding near residences - please respect the neighbours. Do not park on the road. If you cannot find parking, park at the mailboxes a short way back. Or, even better, pedal from town!

Revelstoke Mountain Resort | Photo by Tom Poole

Revelstoke Mountain Resort Bike Park


Get higher, faster with BC’s newest lift-accessed trail network.  Epic downhill descents through Revelstoke's inland temperate rainforest and enduro climbs through the alpine.

Please note you must be an intermediate rider or above to load the gondola. Helmets are mandatory. Tickets must be purchased to access the bike park.

Mountain biking in lush BC forest
Athlete Luke Stevens | Martha Creek, Revelstoke, BC

Martha Creek


A rugged, technical downhill trail will have your brakes hot, your fingers cramped, and your adrenaline at an all-time high. From the top of Sale Mountain, make your way through 9.5km of rocky subalpine meadows, towering old-growth forests, and cut blocks overlooking Lake Revelstoke.

IMPORTANT: Avoid using the trail during extreme wet periods and please practice the ride don't slide, riding style. 4x4 is strongly recommended for the FSR.

Keystone Revelstoke
Keystone Standard Basin | Photo by Bruno Long

Keystone Standard Basin


An 11.8 km (one-way) through an extensive alpine area to Keystone Standard Basin. Originally a hiking trail, now an aggressively challenging rooty, rocky, forested climb that puts you in the alpine after 1km. Grinding through the first km gives way to many km of cruisey alpine and steep tech climbs. Due to this being an alpine trail, the trail is snowbound until early to mid-July.

IMPORTANT INFO:  Keystone is a remote alpine trail with NO Cell coverage and no water. Come prepared for bike failures, rapid weather changes and bear encounters. Please respect the trail and the alpine environment and don't ride it when wet. Recommend driving with a high clearance 2wd vehicle. This road is subject to logging traffic, a VHF radio is recommended.

mountain biking frisby ridge
Frisby Ridge | Photo by Robin Munshaw

Frisby Ridge


An iconic alpine mountain biking experience with mountain vistas, abundant wildflowers, and excellent riding, this 18.6 km purpose-built cross-country trail climbs from high-up on Frisby Ridge through impressive mountain hemlock sub-alpine forest and into the alpine meadows. It crests on a rolling ridge with views in all directions, then dips down to a small lake and extends to the next high point on the ridge on a 5.7 km extension. The reward for the long climb is stunning views and one of the most fun descents anywhere. Advanced riders can extend the descent all the way to the valley via UFC and Ultimate Frisby.

Frisby Ridge is a remote trail with limited water access, so you must be self-sustained. This trail is very susceptible to erosion, so please consider an alternative trail in extremely wet conditions.

Frisby Ridge is closed annually until July 15 to protect wildlife. E-bikes are currently NOT allowed on the Frisby Ridge XC trail due to safety concerns and the potential for increased trail erosion within a sensitive alpine environment.

Sol Mountain | Photo by Dan Stewart
Sol Mountain | Photo by Dan Stewart

Sol Mountain


Day use is welcome for visitors up near Sol Mountain backcountry lodge. Or, treat yo'self to the full Sol Mountain Biking experience. They have developed alpine singletrack mountain biking 2 hours south of Revelstoke in the Monashee Mountains just outside the Monashee Provincial Park boundary. You can expect open, flowy singletrack threading through alpine meadows and tons of technical slab rock features.

Trail donations are accepted at the lodge and include a complimentary cold beer in Sol Lake.

IMPORTANT INFO:  All trails open August 1 depending on snow melt. Contact [email protected] for details. NO DOGS are permitted in Monashee Provincial Park.

Accessible Travel - Miller Time Adaptive Trail
Miller Time Adapative Trail | Photo by Tom Poole

Accessible and Inclusive Mountain Biking

Miller Time on Mount Macpherson, built by the Revelstoke Cycling Association, offers a wider pathway than traditional mountain bike trails as well as adjusted climbing and turning angles for those using specialized bikes such as trike bikes, hand bikes and wheelchair bikes. Miller time is 1.1 km long and lined with beautiful old trees.

Are you looking for gal pals mountain biking in Revelstoke? There is a social ride Bikes, Babes & Beers that is a women-identifying group ride, free to attend. Keep in mind that it is a social ride, not a place to learn! There are women's riding and bike maintenance camps run by Wandering Wheels, Shred Sisters, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Cyclogic Bike Shop, and Revelstoke Cycling Association.


Much of the work that goes into trail development and construction in Revelstoke is the result of the efforts of our tireless community groups. It's largely up to them to source funding for construction and maintenance. When you hit the trails in Revelstoke to bike, hike, run or climb, take a moment to thank the incredible volunteers who help plan, build and maintain our trails by donating to a trail society.

We love that you love our outdoor spaces. Please hold yourself and your group accountable when outdoors and keep our spaces better than you found them! This includes packing out what you pack in and adhering to trail closures. Minimize invasive species spread by removing plants, animals, and mud from shoes, gear, bikes, pets, and vehicles, cleaning the equipment before entering and leaving the recreation site, and staying on the designated trails. Be mindful of restrictions and regulations that are in place to protect BC's southern mountain caribou population.

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The Revelstoke Cycling Association is responsible for maintaining and managing a world-class network of over 150 kilometres of trails on three mountains surrounding Revelstoke, from riverside rambles to alpine epics. If you've enjoyed riding the trails, we hope you'll consider donating to this non-profit volunteer run organization.

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