Meet Chris Miller, The Revy Triker!

This year, we'll be bringing you a series of blogs written by local adaptive rider, Chris Miller. Words and photos have been provided by Chris.

I am very happy that you have shown an interest in the adaptive section of Tourism Revelstoke.

I am hoping with a little education you will learn that Revelstoke is an ideal place for adaptive activities as well. The town, being situated in the Columbia River Valley, is relatively flat, making disabled wheel travel ideal.

I have lived in Revelstoke for twenty years. As the saying goes “Revelstuck”. I moved here from Smithers where I grew up ski racing and mountain biking, for a four month electrical construction job.  I was an avid skier, snowmobiler and mountain biker before my accident. In January 2014 I suffered a brainstem stroke. My stroke left me with physical, visual and audio disabilities and especially a lack of balance. I cannot walk anymore, so I roll. I would say there are not many pathways in the valleys surrounding Revelstoke that I have not been on. I cycle daily, on average, riding anywhere from 10 to 30 km creating an intimate knowledge of the area. I ride as my only form of transportation around town.

Chris riding Greenbelt

Most commonly, because of their convenience being right outside my door, I ride the combination of the Greenbelt pathway and Illecillewaet River area trails. These trails contribute to my daily dose of mental health prescription.  We all need time spent in nature. The flat, paved pathway of the perimeter “River Trail” is maintained by the city year around. It is often used by walkers, joggers, and cyclists. If you only have a couple of hours to spend in Revelstoke, as a visitor counsellor at the Revelstoke Visitor Information Centre, I regularly advise our visitors to enjoy these pathways, which provide magnificent views in every direction and a superb relationship to Revelstoke’s geographical setting.

We all need time spent in nature.

Chris Miller, The Revy Triker

The Illecillewaet River trails, voluntarily maintained year-round, by the Illecillewaet Greenbelt Society , offer a mix of crushed gravel top and hard packed dirt. This flat area along the river is perfect for adaptive use and ideal for my trike. In the winter, the trails are groomed with specialty equipment that also offers a cross-country skiing track set, making this a very popular local destination. Access to this collaboration of pathways is brought to you at the end of Campbell Ave., Centennial Park, or on our south side of town, Kovach Park. Both locales afford the user with handicap parking and washrooms. Centennial Park is home of the city’s main soccer and baseball fields, as well as a beautiful picnicking area along the Columbia River. Kovach Park contains a wonderful kids playground, a world-class skateboard park and a beautiful green space. These trails present another gift to all outdoor enthusiasts living in and visiting Revelstoke.


We are striving to make Revelstoke a more accessible destination for everyone. Learn more about accessible travel in Revelstoke by checking out our accessibility page or speaking to our Visitor Information Centre.

Proof of partial vaccination is now required to enter some businesses.