By Chris Miller, The Revy Triker.

For all of us, there are too many distractions in life.

Being in our natural surroundings allow us to ground ourselves and become present, which for many of us rarely happens in a normal day. It is so important to spend at least a couple of minutes regularly in nature. I have cycled all my life and have come to learn that the motion of peddling carries us forward, and that is the direction we must move. I have no choice now but to roll as my method of movement.

When I moved to Revelstoke 20 years ago, full suspension mountain bikes were in their infancy. There were no “downhill” style trails, so we started “rogue” building on Boulder Mountain. As the years went by and my crashes led to hospital visits and missed work, my skeleton became less malleable and broke instead of bent.  I moved with the progression of bicycles and trails to Mount Macpherson where I spent a lot of my free time maintaining existing trails. Revelstoke has a reputation of having everything graded towards the top wrung of the stereotypical ladder. Generally, most activities do not conform to statistics. The existing “beginner” trails are still quite challenging, but the trail Miller Time was built wide and quite smooth. It enables all riders, even tots in chariots, to become introduced to the magic of pedalling on Mount Macpherson without becoming scared and intimidated.

It warms my heart to see little ones on run bikes reveling in the magnificence that surrounds them.

Chris Miller, The Revy Triker

Revelstoke is a destination for mountain biking and many other sports. Miller Time is fairly new trail on Mount Macpherson that was built to be completely inclusive and allows all riders to enjoy the serenity of their surroundings. Whether or not I deserve a trail with my namesake, it makes me very proud, highlighted by the grand opening where my daughter Regan and many other kids followed me on a loop of the trail. I am very grateful when I get the opportunity to pedal through the forests of Mount Macpherson. It warms my heart to see little ones on run bikes reveling in the magnificence that surrounds them, initiating the creation of a lifetime spent pedalling on trails around the globe.  Miller Time is accessed from the Griffin Creek Forest Service Road on Highway 23 South, about 6 km from downtown. At the trailhead, you will find an information kiosk, a picnic table and an outhouse. The trail is a 1 km loop on the western slopes of the Columbia Valley providing great viewing of the vegetation of our interior rainforest.

Miller Time Chris Miller
The eponymous Miller Time trail. Photo: Tom Poole
Adaptive riders on Miller Time. Photo: Tom Poole
Adaptive riders on Miller Time. Photo: Tom Poole

The Miller Time trail is the perfect transition from riding the great valley trails, to the conglomeration of the singletrack network throughout Revelstoke. Many people new to mountain biking are not comfortable selecting the proper gear or modulating their super sensitive disc brakes before heading out on the trails. Miller Time allows you get comfortable while letting you enjoy your surroundings. The Revelstoke Cycling Association has also integrated a few progressive skill building trails for those keen to raise their bar. The trail has become very popular; I love hearing how much everybody enjoys it. The location provides perfect access to the vast network of trails, making it an excellent family riding locale. Come check it out!

The Revy Triker

Chris Miller is an adaptive biker in Revelstoke. He's a counselor at our Visitor Information Centre and a passionate community member. Follow Chris' adventures on Instagram at @revytriker.


Revelstoke is constantly improving its adaptive facilities and accessibility. For the best information about adaptive activities and accessibility, speak to our friendly Visitor Information Centre Counsellors.

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