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Tucked between the Monashee and Selkirk Mountain Ranges of southeastern British Columbia, Revelstoke abounds with natural beauty. It is located in the world’s only inland temperate rainforest.

Revelstoke is on the territory of the Sinixt First Nation. The Secwepemc, Ktunaxa, and Syilx First Nations also have traditional land use in this region. When the first settlers came to Revelstoke in 1885, they didn’t recognize this area as the territory of the Sinixt people. The traditional land use and hunting rights of the Sinixt were ultimately disrupted by the fur trade along the Columbia River.

Revelstoke has its roots as a railway town. Rail, forestry and natural resources are the industries that built and sustained the town for more than 100 years. Revelstoke was once one of the largest and most prominent communities in the interior of the province, mostly due to its importance as a railway centre. Steamboat traffic from the south connected with the Canadian Pacific Railway making this an important transportation center. While we no longer seem steamboat traffic up the Columbia, those industries are still a big part in the economy and personality of the area. Revelstoke is home to the Revelstoke Dam, one of the largest generators of power in BC.

About Revelstoke - Third image section - Historic Revelstoke steam ship on Columbia River

A thirst for adventure has also characterized the town from its beginnings. Norwegian immigrants brought skiing and ski jumping to Revelstoke, and by the 1910s, several ski jumping hills had been built around town. The Revelstoke Ski Club is the oldest ski club in British Columbia. In the 1960s, a ski hill first appeared on Mount Mackenzie, where Revelstoke Mountain Resort is now located. Revelstoke continues to be a hub for winter sports of all kinds.

Revelstoke has long been a destination for mountaineers, hikers and explorers, and was historically referred to as “the capital of the Canadian Alps”. Both Mount Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park offer opportunities for mountain recreation, as do the many other recreation sites and parks in the area.

Revelstoke is the perfect base for an adventure, but our passionate residents have created a town that encapsulates the diverse interests of the people who live here. From live music to locally made art, the Revelstoke arts scene has it all. Beautiful scenery, warm people, endless adventure and a wealth of arts and cultural experiences can be found year-round.


Revelstoke's logo is derived from one of our original train station signs. Originally hand painted, the wordmark has varying 'E's, offset strokes, and a period at the end. The logo honours our history and the people and industries that built our community.

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The Defining Mountains of Revelstoke: Mount Begbie

What is that mountain?
Iconic Mount Begbie

Mount Begbie is Revelstoke's most identifiable mountain peak. It dominates the Monashee views to the south of town. You'll find the easily recognizable outline of Mount Begbie throughout our website.

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