Revelstoke’s alpine mountain bike access is unparalleled.

Whether you want to work for it, drive for it, or ride the gondola, you’ll find an experience that will challenge you and reward you with unreal mountain views. Don’t miss a chance to ride these three epics during our alpine window. Visit from late July to mid-September for your best chance at ticking off our alpine trails.

Frisby Ridge.

The Frisby Ridge Trail is an absolute classic. Drive into the subalpine via the Frisby Ridge FSR, gaining over 700 metres from the valley bottom. From there, hop on your bike and start the gentle climb into the alpine. The trail is mellow and climbs gradually, but don’t start too strong - it’s a long one! Eventually the trail winds into the open meadows of Frisby Ridge, rewarding you with 360 degree mountain views. Carry on for about 10 kilometres until you reach the first high point. From there you have the option to do a loop to the lake at 12km and back (worth a swim on a hot day!) or carry on the full length to do the Frisby Vistas trail, another 5.7 km out. If you arrange a shuttle (or pedal from the bottom of the road if you’re really ambitious), you can descend the full length to Ultimate Frisby, a challenging black downhill trail that drops you right back down at valley bottom. If you complete all of the Frisby trails, you've ridden The Full Teriyaki - our answer to Moab's Whole Enchilada.

Please note that the Frisby Ridge Trail is subject to a caribou closure until July 15th every year.

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If you want to maximize your downhill, head to Revelstoke Mountain Resort and take the Revelation Gondola to the top. From there, climb 530m of vertical over 6.8km on The Stoke Climb, which will get you right up into Mount Mackenzie’s alpine. Once you’re at the top, check out the Mackenzie Ridge trail, which gives you the option to tack on an alpine out and back with stunning views across the Monashees. Then the real fun begins - over 13 km of blue flow back down to the base! You’ll drop from the alpine into dense forests. If you’ve got energy to spare, you can do it all again or hit up the resort for some other great trails.

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5620 Revelstoke Mountain Resort
5620 Revesltoke Mountain Resort

Keystone Standard Basin.

Drive up Highway 23 North from Revelstoke to access the Keystone Standard Basin Trail. Turn right onto Keystone FSR at 50 km on Hwy 23 North then follow the signs 17 km to the trailhead. This is a true black crosscountry trail. Be prepared for a challenging, technical ride. The effort is worth it. After about a kilometre of punishing uphill riding, the trees open up into spectacular views. You’ll ramble through alpine meadows, take in views of waterfalls, and make your way to the highpoint. From there, you can opt to turn around or descend to the cabin and lake, a full 11km from the parking lot. Make sure you've got the legs for the return journey!

When accessing trails via Forest Service Roads ensure that you carry a radio. 

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