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From hero dirt on Mount Macpherson to 360 degree alpine views.

Come ride some of the best mountain biking trails in BC.

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The Revelstoke mountain biking scene is legendary for the ease of alpine backcountry access, fun and flowy cross country mountain biking trails, and downhill mountain biking. Spring and early summer offer lower elevation rainforest trails with tacky dirt, big trees, and an otherworldly sea of green. As the summer heat pushes the snow to the summits, the trails climb upward and the high mountain jewels of the area are revealed. Alpine mountain biking adventures abound in the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges; whether you’re looking for shuttle-accessed downhill mountain biking, a cross country biking tour, or an epic hike-a-bike. Looking for ideas? Here is a jam-packed Revelstoke Mountain Biking Itinerary that takes you on the best of the best! We’ve got stunning trails for all levels.

For the beginner rider, head out to Mount Revelstoke National Park and spin your wheels on the Soren Sorenson 2k or 5k loop. This double track trail will get you comfortable in your saddle before hitting the Macpherson single track. For the little ones in your wolf pack, there is the Beaver Lodge Kids Bike Park adjacent the parking lot that features a series of obstacles to navigate; including weaving through fake animal droppings, going up a beaver tail log, around salamander banked corners, and spiraling in and out of a slug. When you’ve got that mastered, head over to the Mount Macpherson trail network and try the Miller Time loop. This wide and smooth trail is a great introduction to single track for beginners and kids. Once you have that mastered, head to Stimulus loop; a green trail with a nice flow, with a few rocky sections and bridges to test your wits. For more skill improvement, hire a guide to show you the ropes and improve your technique.

Once you’re confident, there are world class trail networks on all sides of the valley bottom. Intermediate shuttle access freeride trails snake through mid-mountain elevations. Up high, you’ll find our signature alpine trails. For the recreational rider, head out early to Mount Macpherson for a quick spin on over 40km of single track trails. Flowdown is a great trail that was built buff and fast. For an alpine treat, head up to the classic Frisby Ridge XC trail. This smooth, out-and-back, trail climbs through forests and alpine meadows for 11km before dropping down to a small alpine lake and cabin. You’ll want to make sure you revel in the 360 degree views before your fast and flowy descent. Advanced intermediates may want to continue on to the steep and technical Frisby DH trail to keep shredding.

For riders looking for an advanced ride, start with some downhill shuttle laps at Boulder Mountain, Revelstoke’s freeride playground. There are approximately a dozen trails which offer a variety of wooden features, jumps, drops, steeps, and high speed flow. Try our jump trail – The Rooster for spectacular views of the valley below. Once you’ve had your DH fill, head out to Keystone Standard Basin, another alpine gem. More technical than Frisby, Keystone is an out-and-back trail that challenges riders with a steep climb right out of the gates. The trail ascends into some of the best alpine single track and awe-inspiring scenery in the world. Be prepared to be challenged and be prepared for emergencies. You’re a long way from help on this trail and there is no cell phone service.

Grab a copy of your Revelstoke Mountain Biking Map at the Revelstoke Visitor Information Centre, any of the bike shops in town, or download it HERE.

Revelstoke Mountain Biking FAQs:

When is the best time of year to bike in Revelstoke?

Spring and early summer offer cooler temperatures and lower elevation rides. Depending on snowpack, Mount Macpherson and Boulder Mountain are fully open early May.

Our high alpine Revelstoke mountain biking trails are generally snow free by the end of July. Road riding opens up as soon as the pavement is dry- check out some of our recommended road rides.

Where can I find more information about Revelstoke mountain biking?

The Revelstoke Cycling Association is a great resource to find out more information about all the trails and rides in and around Revelstoke, BC. This non-profit society is dedicated to supporting and promoting cycling in the Revelstoke area.

Ever heard of Cyclo Cross? We’ve got that too! The annual Cedar Shaker takes place each October as part of the BC Interior Cyclocross Race Series.

Grab a copy of your Revelstoke Mountain Biking Map at the Revelstoke Visitor Information Centre, any of the bike shops in town, or download it HERE.

Revelstoke Mountain Biking – Locals Tip

Fall is a great time of year to ride in Revelstoke! Less busy and less bugs! Local Revelstoke athlete, Chris Rubens, shares his favorite spots.