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Stroll Around.

Experience our vibrant, historical downtown core.

Come experience one of the most beautiful downtown cores in BC.

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Revelstoke has a vibrant historical downtown core. The majority of our shops are small specialty retailers, locally owned and operated, offering unique products and services. The shops and services echo the local sentiment of health, wellness, recreation, and environmental sustainability.

A walk through Revelstoke’s historic area showcases the pride residents take in maintaining the community since its revitalization. Note the surrounding buildings; many are originals moved from the lower part of town (the former downtown). A Heritage Walking Brochure is available at the Revelstoke Visitor Centre.

Revelstoke Downtown FAQs:

Where can I find a map of Revelstoke Downtown?

A Revelstoke Downtown & city map is available at the Revelstoke Visitor Centre. Alternatively, find it online – right here.

Where can I find more information about the shops and services in downtown Revelstoke?

The Revelstoke Visitor Experience Guide is a great resource for more information about what’s available here. Check out the Events Schedule to see downtown ongoings and happenings.

Revelstoke Downtown – Locals Tip

If you’re here on a Saturday (May-October), be sure to check out the Farmers Market on Mackenzie Ave. Also, we are the only place in British Columbia to have a street festival that runs more than 60 consecutive nights of free live music from June-August.