Vibrant, historic downtown revelstoke.

Revelstoke’s downtown is charming and picturesque. The majority of our shops are small specialty retailers, and are locally owned and operated. They offer unique products and services. The shops and services echo the local sentiment of health, wellness, recreation and environmental sustainability. A walk through Revelstoke’s historic area showcases the pride residents take in maintaining the community since its revitalization.

Woman shopping at Love Making Designs
Two women having coffee Dose Cafe Revelstoke

You can spend hours just popping into the local shops downtown, and getting lost in thought as you stroll the quiet residential streets. Plus, Revelstoke’s restaurants serve undeniably delicious cuisine that’s worth writing home about.

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The Story Behind Revelstoke’s Art Alleries

Eat & Drink

An Introduction to Revelstoke’s Food Scene

Eat & Drink

Inside Revelstoke’s Craft Brewing and Distilling Scene


Discover the Awe-Inspiring History of Revelstoke


Revelstoke Family Pharmacy (PharmaChoice)
Birch & Lace Hair Company
Roberta’s Tanning Salon and Esthetics
Proof of partial vaccination is now required to enter some businesses.