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LUNA Arts Festival

Revelstoke’s nocturnal festival of art and wonder.

Cover photo: Rob Buchanan

Each fall, the LUNA Arts Festival lights up the town of Revelstoke as the darker nights descend. It transforms the usual into the unusual and the ordinary into the extraordinary, as the streets become a living art gallery; full of installations and performances from artists across Canada. LUNA is an inclusive arts festival that started in 2017, when the festival attracted 3000 people out to experience the nocturnal art and wonder. That number almost doubled in their second year and this year’s festival is looking to be bigger than ever, featuring two brand new festival experiences.

Photo: Rob Buchanan

LUNA is a festival that encompasses the spirit of Revelstoke, a place where adventure meets creativity and inspires art. It pulls inspiration from all walks of life in Revelstoke and captures the spirit of the town, showcasing it into three nights of mixed media brilliance.

Photo: Noeline Mostert

The LUNA team (aka the LUNAtics)

The original concept for the festival began with Victoria Strange, a local curator and arts educator and Miriam Manley, Executive Director of the Revelstoke Arts Council. The pair collaborated with a small team of event directors; artist Rob Buchanan and Jana Thompson, Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce Executive Director. Their passion for community collaboration and bringing art to the streets of Revelstoke is key to the success of LUNA and, with their leadership, the festival is thriving. The team, along with the ever-growing number of artists and community volunteers (also known as LUNAtics) contribute their ideas, energy, and time to bring the festival to fruition. Artists range in age from 5 years old to seniors, with many of the installations created by people who might not even consider themselves artists. Yet, the art they make creates an unforgettable shared experience by all who attend.

Photo: Noeline Mostert

What to expect

The festival embraces diversity by curating around 30 multi-dimensional works that are immersive, interactive, or thought provoking. They aim for art that will engage and inspire. This is not a “stand back and look” kind of art event, it’s designed to encourage self-expression and participation. Music has been an integral part of the experience on the Saturday night of the festival, and LUNA 2019 will be the first to feature a new ticketed music event, LUNA Sound. Tickets for this will cost $25 and can be bought from The rest of the festival is free.

Photo: Rob Buchanan. Artist: Cris Derksen

Also new for 2019, festival goers will have the opportunity to take part in family oriented performance art workshops at the Revelstoke Arts Centre and visit local artisans in their own studios. Two artists opening their workshops for live demonstrations are glassblower Leah Allison (Big Eddy Glassworks) and blacksmith, Kyle Thornley (Metal Mind Forge). 

Photo: Noeline Mostert

LUNA’s Legacy

LUNA has an overarching theme of adding value to the community. Each year, the festival aims to leave behind something positive after the weekend of fun is over. Murals in businesses serve as a legacy pieces and this year’s Art Alleries project promises to continue this trend of LUNA creating permanent art. Art Alleries will see under used back alley spaces transformed into places for art. The pieces will reclaim the lost spaces behind Revelstoke’s downtown businesses with artist, Rob Buchanan’s exhibit making the alleys inviting, entertaining, and safe spaces to explore.

Photo: Noeline Mostert

LUNA 2019

  • Friday 27 September: LUNA Sounds – 7 bands from a variety of genres from blues, soul, hip hop, electro and indie rock, across 3 unique stages. Tickets for LUNA Sound can be purchased here.
  • Saturday 28 September: LUNA Art & Wonder – Discover over 30 art installations in Revelstoke’s downtown core. Appearing in shop windows, empty spaces, alleyways and unexpected places – the familiar will be transformed into something new and fantastic.
  • Sunday 29 September: LUNA Studio – Come behind the scenes, meet the artists and watch art come to life. Demonstrations and workshops will be scheduled throughout Sunday inviting you into artist’s studios from blacksmiths to glass blowers and even dancers.

*We highly recommend walking or riding your bike if you visit- both because it’s fun, and because parking will be limited downtown during the main event.

For more information head to

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