Two national parks on your doorstep.

Glacier National Park has excellent options for camping and hiking, and you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views on every hike. Founded in 1886, Glacier National Park is a year round mountain park paradise. It’s a hiker’s dream in summer and a ski touring mecca in the winter, with snow-capped peaks as far as the eye can see all year long.

Mount Revelstoke National Park boasts the Meadows in the Sky Parkway; you can drive into the alpine from the river valley. There are a number of excellent trails for any ability. This is the only mountain in the national park system that you can summit just a short walk from your car!

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Family hiking in Revelstoke rainforest


Drive into Mount Revelstoke National Park on the Meadows in the Sky Parkway. The paved road begins in lush evergreen forests. On this road, you can drive almost all of the way to the summit of Mount Revelstoke, taking in incredible views as you go. Don't miss out on the many lookout stops along the way. For a leg stretch, stop at the Nels Knickers and step back in time; imagine what it would be like to float through the air on a pair of turn of the century skis with the interactive sculpture located at the original ski jumps.

Further east on Highway 1, visit the Giant Cedars and Skunk Cabbage Boardwalks. Please note, that only the picnic areas for each boardwalk are open for the remainder of 2022. The Giant Cedars Boardwalk experienced significant damage over the past winter.

Breathe deeply among giant trees or check out the wildlife and the mighty Illecillewaet River.


In summer, head for the top of Mount Revelstoke National Park. Saunter through alpine meadows to Eva and Miller Lakes. If you're feeling brave, take a dip in the cold alpine waters. When there's snow on the summer, the lower Inspiration Woods and Soren Sorenson trails make for lovely hiking.

Glacier National Park's Marion Lake is a pristine, sub-alpine lake beneath Abbott Ridge. The trail up Avalanche Crest is steep, but you'll be rewarded with views of glaciated peaks and alpine splendor.


In Mount Revelstoke National Park, head all the way out to Jade Lakes, where you'll be rewarded with stunning views.

In Glacier National Park, you'll find no shortage of challenging terrain. The famously steep Hermit Trail takes you from the valley straight up into a meadow surrounded by the Swiss Peaks. If you are looking for mountaineering opportunities, there is great access to a number of great mountaineering objectives.

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Hire a guide

If you want to explore further and go beyond the obvious, there are a number of guiding operations who will get you out to the lesser known spots in Glacier National Park.

Historic Mount Revelstoke
History of Mount Revelstoke National Park

Mount Revelstoke National Park was established in 1914 by a group of dedicated locals. In 1908, the City of Revelstoke broke a trail to the summit of the mountain and later completed trails to some of the alpine lakes. Local citizens lobbied the provincial and federal governments for construction of a road to the summit.

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