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Here, Kitty Kitty!

It's a Revelstoke "purr"der paradise.

Cat Skiing

Your Chariot Awaits.

This winter, put Revelstoke cat skiing on your wish list! Imagine lap after lap of mind-blowing riding with a snowcat ready and waiting to shuttle you back up to the top. A trip to Revelstoke just wouldn’t be the same without a cat skiing adventure in the Monasehee mountains, especially if you’ve got a thing for perfect powder (and who doesn’t?). It’s deep, it’s steep, and it’s a whole bunch of fun. 

Revelstoke cat skiing offers comfortable, unique access to breathtaking scenery and awe-inspiring ski runs, and a lot of bang for your buck. Either join a group as a solo rider or talk to a company about filling a cat with your friends. Your friendly, experienced and certified guide can’t wait to show you around the very best conditions for the day.

Want to know what a day of cat skiing is really like?

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Revelstoke Cat Skiing FAQ’s

How can I choose between cat skiing or heli skiing?

In a perfect world, you don’t! But if you must choose, there’s a handy primer at the end of this blog post outlining the differences you’ll find. 

Revelstoke Cat Skiing – Locals Tip

Start your training early. Cat skiing is all about quick transitions and maximizing vertical, so your legs need to be ready (though we promise they’ll still feel like Jello by the end of a day!). Once the leaves start changing colour, start thinking about how you’re going to get ready for your trip.