Explore these simple and fun ways to cut down your footprint in Revelstoke.

We know, we know - reduce, reuse, recycle is a tired mantra. We are all used to the idea of separating our recycling, cutting down our consumption, and reusing things where possible. However, in Revelstoke there are some businesses taking the initiative to put low impact products at the forefront of their brand.


Forage and Fill is a new business in Revelstoke featuring refills on household and hygiene products as well as environmentally friendly and low waste products. Their fun downtown space also offers consignment clothing and a great selection of locally made goods.

Mountain Goodness Natural Foods offers refills on household and hygiene products as well as local food and healthy grocery options.

Another great way to reduce your consumption in Revy is to walk or rent a bike to get around town. Downtown is easily walkable, and many attractions can be visited easily by bike.

refillable containers forage and fill
Bring your empty containers to refill at Forage & Fill.
Downtown Revelstoke is easy to navigate by foot or bike.
Downtown Revelstoke is easy to navigate by foot or bike.


Revelstoke's vintage shopping scene is coming into its own. With shopping options on social media and storefront vintage retailers, you're sure to find some unique pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Forage and Fill features a well curated selection of consignment clothing and accessories.

The Loft offers a selection of vintage garments, sure to please any fashionista.

If you're looking for a bargain, we have two thirft stores: the Bargain Basement at the Royal Canadian Legion and the Revelstoke Hospitality Auxilary Society Thirft Store.

For used sporting goods, check out Back on the Rack Sport Consignment.

green bag company
Revelstoke's Green Bag Company uses shade sail scraps to create bags.
used clothing forage and fill
Used clothing and environmentally friendly goods at Forage & Fill.


There are a number of different local craftspeople making incredible creations for recycled products. Head to the farmers markets to check out some of the unique items these creative minds produce right here in Revelstoke.

Big Eddy Glass Works lets you make your own keepsake sandblasted highball glass out of a recycled wine bottle.

loveMaking Designs carries a number of recycled products from different designers:

  • Little Bird Blue makes jewellery out of recycled items;
  • Kilner Goods creates handbags and wallets from upcyled leather couches and jackets;
  • Rio Branner uses wallpaper to make earrings and leather jackets to make watches;
  • Bellaklava creates toques from recycled wool sweaters;
  • Innertubular Designs makes earrings and necklaces from bike inner tubes.

Kat Cadegan Jewellery repurposes vintage jewellery and creates new designs to suit more modern tastes. It's a great way to honour family heirlooms but to adapt them to suit your tastes.

The Green Bag Company is a local producer that uses recycled pieces of shade sails to create multipurpose bags for laundry, groceries, plants, or whatever works!

Big Eddy Glass Works sand blasting
Creating a sandblasted glass at Big Eddy Glass Works.
Woman shopping at Love Making Designs
loveMaking Designs carries a selection of recycled goods.