A guide for humans and their doggos.

We’re Hemi and Spruce, two of Revelstoke’s local ruffians. Here in Revelstoke, we get out on tons of adventures. We wanted to share some of the things we love to do and the places we love to visit with our humans so that when you’re visiting, you and your human can make the most of your time here. We hope you have a pawsitive experience during your visit!

Heli and Spruce on Flowdown

About us

Spruce is a 25 pound maniac with a 100 pound attitude. He like to ensure that other dogs are playing by his rules, chasing balls, mountain biking, and nordic skiing. He’s not opposed to the occasional cuddle, either. 

Hemi is a true athlete and fitness junkie. She loves mountain biking, skiing, paddleboarding, and taking any opportunity to swim. She'll never pass on an adventure; she plays hard and chills hard.

Hemi and Spruce

1. The Mount Macpherson Trails

We love to run on the Mount Macpherson trails, whether behind a mountain biker, a hiker, or a runner. We can be off leash and chase squirrels in the woods, and there are plenty of creeks for us to drink from. We’re pretty well behaved trail dogs because there are a lot of people out here enjoying this zone!

Spruce on the greenbelt

2. The Illecillewaet and Big Eddy Greenbelts

We have to be on a leash on the paved greenbelt, but it’s a great place to explore and get our humans out for some exercise. If the river is low enough, there are dirt trails for us to explore off leash. If we cross the pedestrian bridge over the Illecillewaet River, there are dirt roads extending for ages and they are tons of fun to run down.

On the Big Eddy side, there are lots of winding paths and small beaches that are perfect for a dip!

Spruce Big Eddy

3. Underneath the Big Eddy Bridge

When the Columbia River is low, the beach underneath the bridges is a great place to chase balls and sticks! We usually meet lots of friends out doing the same thing, but there is a lot of space to roam. It’s a great place to socialize and have a quick dip in the river. Winter or summer, the beach is a great place to stretch our legs.

Revelstoke_Recreation_Winter_CrossCountrySkiing_MtMcpherson_AgatheBernard (20)

4. The Nordic Dog Loop

Nordic skiing is a great way to get our energy out in the winter! There is a 5km loop at the Mount Macpherson Nordic Centre that we can run on. It’s equipped with poop shovels so our humans can clean up after us. We’re not allowed on the other trails, but the dog loop is enough for us!

When we're on the nordic trails, we need to make sure to respect other trail users and listen to our humans.

Spruce in Mount Revelstoke National Park

5. Mount Revelstoke National Park

We're only allowed on Mount Revelstoke's lower elevation trails, but that leaves plenty of scope! We’re not allowed on the summit trails anymore because of the bears in the alpine.

The Inspiration Woods trail is a great place to sniff Revelstoke’s rainforest! The Soren Sorensen Loop is another great spot for us to explore.

We have to be on leash on all trails in the park.

Life in Revelstoke keeps us and our humans busy! After a big day out exploring, we always make sure to get in a good rest before heading out for the next adventure.

If you need more information about where to take your humans in Revelstoke, head to the Visitor Information Centre.

Spruce dog sleeping
Hemi dog sleeping

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Find more things to do.

There's never a dull moment in Revelstoke. Whether you're looking to chill out or go full throttle, we've got plenty to keep you occupied during your stay. Revelstoke is a town for all seasons, with adventure waiting at your doorstep.

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