Experience the epicentre of winter.

Make the most of your winter trip. Get stoked on our winter offers for 2020/2021. Whatever kind of adventure you're visiting Revelstoke for, we've got a perk to make your visit a little better!

The way to access the best deals is to book a mid-week stay directly with your accommodator. Check out our campaigns below for details about discounts.

Why book direct?

This is a way to ensure that all of your dollars go directly into the community and small businesses you’re visiting.

There is a common misconception that booking through third party websites (such as Expedia or Booking.com) is a great way to save money. In reality, the best way to get a better price – and support small tourism businesses – is to do your research online and then book directly by phone or email. The provider will offer you their best rate, and they will benefit from not losing the commission to these large companies, which can range from 15% to 30%. To put it in context, on your $100 booking, $30 of those dollars could go directly out of Revelstoke and straight to the offices of a large corporation. When booking direct, your dollars stay entirely in the town in which you’ve booked.

Not only will booking directly with providers get you the best rate, but there will often be some added perks and benefits.... like these ones!

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Please avoid traveling to Revelstoke for non-essential reasons at this time.
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