Working together to ensure natures survival

In this world of ours, everything is intrinsically linked; changing one thing affects everything. As Revelstoke changes, we need to be careful to facilitate a balance to keep it as great as it is.  I adore the community we have and the beauty of this town, but it's the surrounding nature that completes this idyllic place.  The natural balance can easily be shifted and the non-profit Wildsight is working on keeping that equilibrium. See the full video below.

How does Wildsight achieve this?

Wildsight understands that all ecosystems are linked together and their work exemplifies this idea. Their work is done under three main pillars: conservation, education, and sustainable communities. Much like ecosystems, these are all intertwined and work in one pillar helps the others.

We envision extensive and connected wild spaces for wildlife—from grizzly bears to woodpeckers to trout. We envision clean air and clear water running from mountain watersheds to our lakes. We see thriving and sustainable communities made up of engaged and educated citizens

Wildsight Vision Statement


Wildsights conservation efforts are vast, working locally, regionally, and globally to protect biodiversity. Wildsight is working hard to save the remaining inland temperate rainforest - the only one of its kind in the world. Revelstoke is lucky to have some of this around and it has become a high priority to preserve.They endeavour to influence forestry planning, working to ensure that people consider the natural world and forest ecosystems as they plan the harvesting of forests.


A large part of Wildsight’s efforts go into education, since knowledge is power. Empowering the youth helps inspire the future generations to increase their desire to care for and protect these wild places. We need them to be stewards for the environment and Wildsight offers a large variety of outdoor experiences as well as educational opportunities to foster this.

sustainable communities

The sustainable communities pillar of Wildsight’s actions are diverse; from an electric car share program, to community gardens, seed libraries, and farmers markets. Wildsight searches out ways to support local farmers, benefiting residents by increasing food security and connection to nature.

Managing the natural world is complex and can feel overwhelming, which is why Wildsight is such an essential part of our community. As a grassroots organization, Wildsight harnesses power from the people whose lives affect and are affected by their work. They exist to make it easier for people to have a direct, positive impact on their community and their local environment.  Go to wildsight.ca to see what activation interests you and sign up.  We all need to work together to keep the balance.

Written by Greg Hill

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