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Why December is the Best Month for Powder Skiing in Revelstoke

It’s hard to describe in words, so we’ll let this blog speak for itself.

A deep, soft, untouched blanket of snow stretches before you. The cold air brushes your face as you gather speed down the slope ahead. Crystals are whisked into the air from your graceful and excited turns and dance in front of your eyes. The feeling is unbelievable. Powder speeds past your knees, billows up your waist and launches up into your face. You wipe your goggles with your glove and keep going, hollering with joy as you do. This is powder skiing.

It is truly an indescribable feeling. Words can’t do it justice so we’ll let these pictures speak for themselves.

So far, Revelstoke has received 316cm of snow this season! The first three powder shots below were taken in just the past week.

Powder skiing at RMR
Photo: Leah Evans
Skier: Nat Segal
Taken December 2, 2019.
The goods are getting good!
Powder skiing at RMR
Photo: Tempei Takeuchi.
Skier: Yu Sasaki
Taken December 8, 2019.
Revelstoke already has enough snow for tree runs and pillow lines!
Photo: Zac Oh
Rider: Scott Churchill
Taken December 10, 2019
It’s not just awesome, it’s fun!
Powder skiing in Revelstoke
Photo: Jana Rogers
Snowboarding through powder
Photo: Ben Osborne
Powder skiing in Rogers Pass
Photo: Agathe Bernard via Girls Do Ski
Skier: Leah Evans
Powder skiing
Photo: Andrew Strain
Skier: Katrina Devore
Powder skiing at RMR
Photo: Bruno Long
Pillow line powder skiing
Photo: Jara Sijka
Snowmobiling through powder
Photo: Steve Shannon
Powder skiing
Photo: Christina Lusti
Launching through powder
Photo: Jara Sijka
Photo: Luke Koppa

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