Stuff your duffel bag with the essentials, throw it in your car and get on the road.

It’s easy to think a large list of “things-to-do” equals a long list of “stuff-to-bring.” In Revelstoke, the former is extensive, but the latter doesn’t have to be. So here you go, this is what to pack for Revelstoke so you can be ready to go any where, any time.

1. UNderwear x 2

The thermal kind.

Base layers are our friends. They are the essential layer for any and all activities. Seriously. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few examples.

A night out.
You’re getting ready to hit the town after a couple après beers on the hill. You’re not sure where you’re going or how long you’ll be out, but you do know you won’t want to pay for a cab.

Slip your long underwear underneath your jeans and you’re ready for anything! Sure your dad does it, but hey, sometimes dad knows best.

Skiing or snowboarding.
It’s not like you’re going up to Revelstoke Mountain Resort with jeans under those snow pants. Right?? Please tell us you’re not going shredding in jeans… not until March at least!

Cross country skiing.
Just because you didn’t like Nordic skiing when you were twelve doesn’t mean you won’t like it now.

A good set of long johns is often all you need for this cardio based activity. Pair with a light jacket, a vest, a tuque and gloves and you’re set! Don’t forget your flask with some…… tea in it.

Revelstoke Apres Mackenzie Common Tavern
Photo: Agathe Bernard

2. Boots x 2

Plus some wool socks.

One pair for walking around town and one pair for skiing or boarding. That's it.

Revelstoke is an epicentre for winter adventures largely due to the insane snowfall we receive. You’re not going to want to walk around in your Vans.

"What about for the bar??"
We promise zero Revelstokians will give you a hard time for wearing boots in a bar.

3. Equipment x 6

Boots, poles, helmet, mitts, goggles, pass. The foolproof checklist.

Did you notice a key missing item?
... skis (or snowboard).

We mentioned it before and we'll say it again. Revelstoke gets a LOT of snow! The local rental shops specialize in powder skis that are perfect for our mountain's conditions. Bring your boots and rent your skis. You won't be disappointed.

Now, back to the list.
You have your under layers on, you’re in the car in your snow pants, your jacket is on the seat and you’re about to head up to Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Pause, run through this mental checklist, visualize having packed each item and you’ll never forget something on a pow day again.

If you plan to venture away from the hill and head out ski touring while you’re here, definitely do! The backcountry is amazing and requires a whole other (very important!) packing list entirely. 

Skiing RMR Backcountry
Photo by Garrett Grove


AKA mountain clothing.

While base layers are awesome, a lot of us would rather have them on secretly underneath our street clothes.

When you’re packing your bag, don’t stress too hard or too long about the clothes you bring. Revy isn't about a glamorous après experience.

The town's style is casual, fun, non-judgemental and practical. You'll fit right in with a toque, plaid shirt and a pair of boots. If it makes you confident and comfortable, throw it in the duffel. A handful of your favourite items is all you need.

Other Essentials

That probably don't need explaining.

Toque (beanie or warm hat if you're not fluent in Canadian)
Phone charger
PMA (positive mental attitude)

If you forget anything, a trip to Revy’s downtown will sort you out. Don’t forget to drop by the Visitor Information Centre for your Revelstoke swag.

See you this winter!


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We look forward to welcoming you back to our mountain town!

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