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Top 10 Instagram opportunities of Revelstoke life

Epic views (#revelstoke), bluebird days (#therealstoke), adrenaline sports (#revelstoked), and big adventures (#revylife) — when it comes to Instagram opportunities of your daily or holiday life while you #explorebc and stop by in Revelstoke, the variety is endless and, inevitably, envy inducing.

But in the sport of online image, Revelstokians have upped it to a different level with their shared enthusiasm for the outdoors, of pushing the limits, and seeing someone else’s Instagram reminds us to get out amongst it — even if it’s just to lay around outdoors and appreciate the scenery.

Browsing through Instagram, you get a real sense of life in Revelstoke and how residents and tourists alike are making the most it. Professional photographers show off some truly amazing images while we get an insight into the everyday clicker’s best days of their lives with some personable images.

If you want to show friends and family back home why the stoke factor is so high here, check out what’s featuring on Instagram currently and see if your image has been featured below.

Pure art. Mountains and cupcakes. Photo: Emily Kemp

1. #mountaincupcake #Revelstokefoodie

There’s nothing that screams photo and filter like a picture of a miniature cake. These are latest thing for local foodies in Revelstoke with the recent opening of Pix & Dex Cupcakes in the Big Mountain Kitchen store at 215 MacKenzie Ave.

The miniature cakes have been a huge success and baker Dayna VanOverbeke makes a variety from sweet to savoury, including the white chocolate and raspberry variety pictured here.

These deserts may cap off what is a well-rounded selection of food available in Revelstoke. With a vibrant cafe culture throughout downtown with a number of places to enjoy breakfast at, a lively pub and bar scene for lunch and a selection of family and fine dining restaurants for dinner, self-professed foodies will have a hard time finding space on their phone for all their photos.

Because when food looks almost too good to eat, a photo is the answer to savour the moment forever.

Amazing food to be found in Revelstoke. Photo: Megs Petrie>
Amazing food to be found in Revelstoke. Photo: Meagan Petrie

2. #biking #greenbelt

View from 3rd St W looking over the Columbia River towards Mt. Begbie. Photo: Emily Kemp
Just off the greenbelt in Revelstoke is the Illecillewaet bridge. Photo: Emily Kemp
The greenbelt on The Big Eddy side.
The greenbelt on The Big Eddy side with views of Mt. Macpherson (left) and Mt. Cartier (right). Photo: Emily Kemp

For a wide variety of typical Revelstoke photo spam, take your preferred set of wheels — townie bike, dog-pulled skateboard or roller skis — and hit the asphalt of Revelstoke’s greenbelt and surrounding road network.

Along the way you’ll find ridiculously idyllic bridge and water scenes, perfect for those thoughtful gazes into the distance shots sure to up your Instagram following and fame.

And don’t forget the surrounding 360 degree views of magnificent mountain scenery. While you may end up flooding your Instagram feed and your followers might seethe with jealousy, none of that matters because your number one fans, Mom and Dad, will love every single one.

3. #adrenaline #waterworld

Climbing Gilligan's Island. One of three large cliffs at Waterworld. Photo: cdhzlt
Climbing Gilligan’s Island. One of three large cliffs at Waterworld. Photo: cdhzlt

Ok, so here’s what we’re talking about. Images that will either make you want to throw away your phone and never look at it again or those that will make you throw some gear together in a bag and head out the door.

The climbing scene is hot in Revelstoke and it’s apparently highly addictive for those who have sampled it (they’ve got a whole website compiled by local enthusiasts). So be warned, if you’re already into mountain biking, dirt biking, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, white water rafting, paragliding, kayaking, stand-up-paddleboarding and everything else on offer here in Revelstoke do you really need to add another pursuit to you list?

The short answer is yes, because life is to be experienced, and Revy’s got plenty of experiences.

Waterworld (right) is one of the favourites for local climbers — it’s a unique climb above Lake Revelstoke making it among the more memorable, although it’s not for the faint hearted and there’s a number of easier ones in the Revelstoke area to start with. But it’s worth heading to Waterworld just for the photo opportunity (see below). Be sure not to throw rocks (and tell anyone else there) as there will likely be climbers below.

Take a photo at Waterworld. Photo: Kate Ediger

4. #sitbackandrelax #williamsonlake

Williamson Lake. Photo: rosie.dee
Williamson Lake. Photo: Rosie Denton
Photo: Kayla De Arburn
Photo: Kayla De Arburn

If you’ve done the adrenaline sport thing and your body is crying out for a break, take stock and go to the water. The docks, Williamson Lake, Echo Lake, Martha Creek plus many others. There’s an abundance of inviting blue waters surrounding Revelstoke, and when the sun’s out, don’t let those rays go to waste.

For a some side entertainment, Williamson’s Lake and Campground there is an 18-hole mini gold course plus canoe and paddle board rentals.

Or just grab an inflatable donut or, the latest craze, one of those air lounges and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

And challenge yourself to do a refreshing full-body plunge at least once. You won’t regret it.

5. #sunrisehiking #mountrevelstoke

Watching the sun rise on Mt. Macpherson. Photo: Chelsea Camille
Watching the sun rise on Mt. Macpherson. Photo: Chelsea Camille

As the sun sets on the last days of summer, take your last chances to get out hiking before the snow line falls. Challenge yourself with an early hike to watch the sunrise over a mountain vista (see right).

For those that prefer to ease themselves into the outdoors, Mount Revelstoke national park is a special attraction in Revelstoke, that allows the everyday person access, by road, to the alpine environment (Gates open at 9 a.m, closing at 5 p.m.). From here, families and people of all abilities can enjoy the beauty of Revelstoke’s outdoors.

Drive up and see alpine wildflowers on Mount Revelstoke. Photo: ChasingSnowFlakes</a.
Drive up and see alpine wildflowers on Mount Revelstoke. Photo: ChasingSnowFlakes

5. #mountainweddings #revelationlodge


The pristine environment of the Columbia mountain range offers simply jaw-dropping high impact images to remember that special day. Whether you’re living vicariously through those splurging to make these images happen, or gathering ideas, there’s no question about it, the bar is set high in these locations.

Many of the weddings are held Revelstoke Mountain Resort, in the village base, at Revelation Lodge or for those adrenaline junkies that even find their wedding day a chance to add a new experience, high up with a helicopter ride from Selkirk Tangiers.

Photo: Nicole Sihlis
Photo: Nicole Sihlis

6. #mountainbiking #keystone

A mountain bike can take you to some unreal places. Photo: lonography
A mountain bike can take you to some unreal places. Photo: PT Lon

This year, unfortunately Revelstoke’s signature ride Frisby Ridge has been out of service. But that has just meant that bike lovers have enjoyed other gems in the region such as the Keystone Standard Basin trail.

We did a write-up on all the great mountain biking that you can get into around Revelstoke, covering all the levels from beginner to advanced.

As fall approaches, mountain biking is one of the activities that you can still enjoy regardless of the weather. Just imagine flying through Revelstoke forests, taking in the changing colours of the season with the fresh whiff of winter around the corner!

Photo: Cody Pletz (
Photo: Cody Pletz (

7. #fishinganddogs #revelstokeflats

A little evening fishing with some pals and pups. Photo: hailslacroix
A little evening fishing with some pals and pups. Photo: hailslacroix
Photo: Kim Vinet
Revelstoke flats. Photo: Kim Vinet

It ain’t Revelstoke without a snapback or a toque and a herd of dogs and good friends. Throw them in the back of the truck with a few fishing rods and head out to the flats, south along Airport Way.

Alternatively, above the dam in Lake Revelstoke there’s a number of pull-outs to make camp for the day.

Stop by Johnny’s Fishing & Hunting store on 1407 West Victoria Rd for some tackle and tips on local favourite spots.

The pit bull Maximus sporting a Revelstoke hat. Photo: thislifeofmax
The pit bull Maximus sporting a Revelstoke hat. Photo: thislifeofmax

9. #tourism #attractions

Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest

Other than nature, there’s a number of attractions to see and you’ll probably learn something at the same time.

Did you know that the Revelstoke Dam powers Vancouver? You can take tours of the monolithic structure, which changed the landscape and economic focus of the region since construction began in 1978

History is fascinating once you start unravelling it. Revelstoke Museum & Archives will help you in that pursuit, as will the B.C. Interior Forestry Museum. Don’t forget the Revelstoke Railway Museum — you’ll find out how the Canadian Pacific Railway has had a huge impact on how Revelstoke was built.

Now if you’re after something that along the lines of a theme park, the Enchanted Forest has been thrilling kids and adults alike since the 1960s, and there is a ton of opportunities for unique and fun Instagram shots (tallest tree house in B.C. anyone?) Right next door is the high ropes and zip line park SkyTrek Adventure Park, and down the road is the 3 Valley Gap Ghost Town. And it wouldn’t be a Revelstoke visit without capturing your ride on the exhilarating The Pipe Mountain Coaster.

Photo: Jackie Van Vliet

10. #shopping #downtown

Photo: Luca
Quaint Revelstoke downtown with distinctive The Modern Bakeshop and Cafe on the right. Photo: Luca
The bear statues at the entrance of Mackenzie Ave. Photo: Emily Kemp
The bear statues at the entrance of Mackenzie Ave. Photo: Emily Kemp
The Revelstoke gazebo in Grizzly Plaza. Photo: Emily Kemp
The Revelstoke gazebo in Grizzly Plaza. Photo: Emily Kemp

Revelstoke’s quaint historic downtown is an Instagram picture in itself, the bright flower baskets soaking up the sun as Mackenzie Ave bustles with cyclists, alfresco diners and shoppers.

Grab a coffee and snap a pic outside the distinctive blue The Modern Bakeshop and Cafe or head down to the entrance where the grizzly bear statues stand guard.

They usually have small children crawling over them, but wait your turn and you’ll get your chance.

And The Grizzly Plaza gazebo is also an opportunity for a photo that identifies this crazy and unique town that enjoys your time here as much as you enjoyed yours.


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