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The winter the snow didn't stop! (And we didn't mind a bit…)

Images by Vincent Schnabl

So far, the winter of 2017-18 has been one of the snowiest in 10 years. As of March 19th, Revelstoke Mountain Resort had seen over 10.5 meters of snow and snow banks in town were over 7 feet in places- and the season isn’t even done yet!

Chart courtesy of Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Local photographer, Vincent Schnabl, captured these images of what life’s been like in downtown Revelstoke this winter. Check out his snapshots from inside the snow globe!

Clearing the car has been a full time job for some residents this winter. 


Our famous “welcome” bears have been under a blanket of snow almost continuously since December!


The morning powder shuttle on its way to Revelstoke Mountain Resort.


Signs have been buried behind giant snowbanks.


The start of another big winter storm. The streets get real quiet around here on evenings like this- every one is preparing for powder turns early in the morning!


Essentials like post boxes and fire hydrants needed to be dug out of the snow (sometimes a few times a week!)


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