Revelstoke's trail fairies do the behind-the-scenes work to bring you big mountain adventure.

Revelstoke is famed for its incredible trails; people from all over the world come here to access our alpine scenery and enchanting rainforest. Much of the work that goes into trail development and construction in Revelstoke is the result of the efforts of our tireless community groups.  It's largely up to them to source funding for construction and maintenance. When you hit the trails in Revelstoke to bike, hike, run or climb, take a moment to thank the incredible volunteers who help plan, build and maintain our trails by donating to a trail society.

Revelstoke Cycling Association.

The Revelstoke Cycling Association plans, constructs and maintains the majority of Revelstoke's mountain biking trails. The club was formed in 1994 and has seen massive growth since then with the rise of mountain biking's popularity. Besides doing behind the scenes work, the Revelstoke Cycling Association hosts regular volunteer dig nights throughout the season, community "fiver" races, membership socials and other programming.


Dig night Revelstoke Cycling Association
Volunteers at a Revelstoke Cycling Association Dig Night.
Finding alpine views and single-track ribbons on Frisby Ridge
Frisby Ridge


The Revy Riders Dirtbike Club was officially formed in November of 2008 in an attempt to keep Revelstoke's original Motocross track from being decommissioned. In the late 70’s, a group of local businessmen used some land that was leased to the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club located in the Industrial Park to build their legendary dirtbike track. The club maintains a large network of trails along with the track. They host events throughout the season and are the epicentre of dirtbiking in the community.

Revy Riders Dirt Biking Revelstoke
Dirt biking on the Revy Riders trails.
Revy Riders Dirt Bike
The dirt bike track is maintained by the Revy Riders.

Revelstoke climbers access society.

The Revelstoke Climbers Access Society supports and maintains the 19 local rock climbing areas in Revelstoke. The society was founded in 2015 by a group of dedicated locals. Their mission is to promote public safety and support public access, maintenance and development for the climbing areas and mountains surrounding Revelstoke. Whether you're a local climber or a visitor, make sure to support the work of the Revelstoke Climbers Access Society.

Climbing in Revelstoke
Climbing in Revelstoke.
Climbing at Waterworld Revelstoke
Climbing at Waterworld on Lake Revelstoke.

Alpine Club of Canada.

The Alpine Club of Canada Columbia Mountains Section acts as a steward and maintains some of Revelstoke's local hiking trails. Their mission is to foster opportunities to share in the abundance of outdoor activities that Revelstoke and the surrounding communities and mountains have to offer. The club also leads group excursions and organizes educational sessions.

Hiking in Revelstoke's supalpine.
Hiking in Revelstoke's supalpine.
Hiking into the snowy alpine.
Hiking into the snowy alpine.

Illecillewaet Greenbelt Society.

The Illecillewaet Greenbelt Society is responsible for the protection and conservation of a 22-acre parcel of land, nearby downtown Revelstoke, along the north shore of the Illecillewaet River extending to the west from the Fourth Street bridge. There are a number of walking trails, and the area is groomed for winter use. The trails that the society maintains are fantastic for biking, walking and birding.

Walking on the bridge over the Illecillewaet River.
Walking on the bridge over the Illecillewaet River.
Birders in Revelstoke with binoculars
Birding on the Illecillewaet Greenbelt.

Follow the revy rules.

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  • Everyone 12 years of age and older must wear a mask in all public indoor spaces
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  • Organized Events With Proof of Full Vaccination (two doses): indoor organized events can have a capacity of 50 people or 50% of a venue’s capacity (whichever is greater). Outdoor-organized events can have a capacity of 5,000 people or 50% of a venue’s capacity (whichever is greater).
  • High-intensity group exercise is now permitted, provided all participants and instructors are fully vaccinated with two doses.

If you are in Revelstoke, please ensure that you are taking precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19 and following provincial health guidelines.

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