Revelstoke’s vibrant present stands on the back of 120 years of rich history.

Like our neighbouring Kootenay towns, Revelstoke has a burgeoning arts scene. Our local art gallery proudly displays the work of local painters, sculptors, and photographers. Our shops sell locally handcrafted products. Our farmers markets’ showcase the incredible talent of our small town. 

This area is rich in the industrial history of our province. From cross-Canada transportation links to mining, Revelstoke’s history weaves together the narratives of a growing nation.

For a weekend experiencing Revelstoke’s arts and culture scene, make sure you check out the following spots:

Townie bikes Revelstoke Museum

The Revelstoke Museum and Archives

The Revelstoke Museum and Archives gives the most complete history of this area, from its early settlers to its transformation into a resort municipality. See if you can join in a Heritage Walking Tour with curator Cathy English while you’re here.

Historic view of Mount Mackeznie

The Revelstoke Railway Museum

The Canadian Pacific Railway is a huge part of Revelstoke’s history and its present. The Revelstoke Railway Museum is a great place to learn about the construction of the railway and to check out some heritage engines. Their interactive exhibits are great for the whole family.


The British Columbia Interior Forestry Museum

The Forestry Museum features artifacts from BC’s logging past. The forestry industry has long been a backbone of the BC economy, and the Forestry Museum gives insight into historical forestry practices and those that exist today. While you’re there, take advantage of the educational Riverside Walk.

Revelstole Visual Arts Centre

The Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre

The RVAC proudly displays art from Revelstoke and artists from neighbouring communities. Their exhibits vary and generally feature a variety of media. Check out the gallery shop for a souvenir of your visit.

Big Eddy Glassworks

Big Eddy Glassworks

Leah Allison’s glassworks studio is a must-see for any art enthusiast. She offers classes in glassblowing, so you can learn more about the craft and take a piece home with you. Every Friday the 13th she hosts a market, so if your visit happens to coincide with a Friday the 13th, make sure you head to the Big Eddy!

Woman shopping at Love Making Designs

Love Making Designs

Love Making Designs features screen printed clothing, and so much more. Trish and Kiley draw all the images and do all the printing by hand in our home studio in Revelstoke. They also feature the work of other local (and semi-local) artists in their charming downtown shop.

Art First Revelstoke

Art First!

The ArtFirst! Gallery features a wide variety of one-of-a-kind, original artwork inspired by the beautiful surroundings and nature of the Columbia Valley.  Their talented artists range in style from realism to abstract and work in various mediums.  Pieces available include:  acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings, ink and graphite work, soapstone and metal sculpture, wood-work, mixed-media and digital illustration, pottery, photography, jewelry and fashion items, decor accents and select furniture.

Revelstoke Farmers Market in Fall

Revelstoke Farmers Markets

We’re lucky enough to have two bustling Saturday farmers markets in Revelstoke: The Local Food Initiative Farmers Market and the Revelstoke Farm and Craft Market. These run from May to October every year, and many local artists sell their work. In the winter, farmers markets are on Thursday afternoons at the Revelstoke Community Centre.

These activies may interest you.

Revelstoke is now welcoming visitors from across Canada. Please travel responsibly this summer and follow The Revy Rules.

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