Coming out of Hibernation in Spring.

In spring, Revelstoke emerges from its thick blanket of snow and locals begin to embrace opportunities to get outdoors. If you visit during spring, you’ll witness Revelstokians coming out of hibernation and embracing the longer, warmer days.

Road biking greenbelt
Road biking on the greenbelt. Photo: @oldxtrip

1. Road Biking

There are a few popular road biking routes around Revelstoke. Airport Way is a favourite as it offers incredible views of the Columbia River flats with a backdrop of the Monashees. Another option is Highway 23 North, but beware that there is fast-moving traffic. The route follows along the side of Lake Revelstoke; go as far as you like!

Mount Revelstoke National Park Nels Knickers Ski Jump
Experience the feeling of being a ski jumper at Nels' Knickers.

2. Hiking

The lower elevation trails in Mount Revelstoke National Park offer great options for spring exploring. Check out Nels’ Knickers, an exhibit celebrating Revelstoke’s ski jumping history. The Inspiration Woods trail offers a perfect opportunity to explore Revelstoke’s temperate rainforest.

Another great option for a lower elevation hike is the Illecillewaet greenbelt trail network. Take in the Columbia River wetlands and look out for birds returning north.

Man standing in front of Sutherland Falls
Sutherland Falls

3. waterfalls

Don’t listen to TLC - spring is the perfect time to go chasing waterfalls. Revelstoke’s waterfall trifecta is at its best in the spring when the snow is melting and the water is high. All of the waterfalls are an easy walk or snowshoe, depending on the time of year. If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious and have some paddling experience, rent a canoe and paddle around the creeks flowing into Lake Revelstoke.

Mount Macpherson Revelstoke
Mount Macpherson. Photo by Laura Szanto.

4. Mountain Biking

Spring mountain biking options depend on the snowpack, but the south-facing Sunnyside trails are a good bet for spring riding. Once the snowline creeps up the valley, the Mount Macpherson trails melt out. Hemlock Groove and Sex on the Beach are great options for earlier in the spring. The Soren Sorensen loop in Mount Revelstoke National Park is also open to mountain biking.

Old School Eatery patio by Tom Poole
Old School Eatery patio by Tom Poole

5. Spring Apres

For Revelstokians, patio season starts as soon as the weather gets above ten degrees and the sun is out. If you want to experience spring like a local, try to fit a few sports into one sunny day, then head for any open patio and pretend that it’s summer!

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