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Revelstoke neighbours two epic national parks, featuring iconic low elevation trails like the Giant Cedars Boardwalk, Inspiration Woods, and Bear Creek Falls. Around here, spring is the best time to experience natural solitude, bathe in the temperate rainforest and stretch your legs after a long winter.

This Spring (May 1 - June 30, 2022), we're giving away a free family/group national parks day pass when you visit Revelstoke's Visitor Information Centre. Valued at $21, the pass allows up to seven people arriving in a single vehicle to roam Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks for the day. Mount Revelstoke National Park is only a 5-minute drive from downtown and Glacier National Park is 45 minutes from downtown.

During spring, many of our higher elevation trails will be snow-covered. Before planning your day, make sure to check the latest trail conditions. Scroll down for tips on what to explore first as the snow melts.

Redeem this offer

Visit us at the Revelstoke Visitor Information Centre to pick up your free national park day pass for Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks. Please note you will not be able to redeem this offer at any national parks office, entry gate, or online.

Child hiking Giant Cedars Boardwalk
Giant Cedars Boardwalk | Photographer: Michael Kroyle
family at skunk cabbage board walk having a picnic
Skunk Cabbage Day-use Area | Photographer: Zoya Lynch

Top National Parks Activities in Spring.

Revelstoke is famed for having huge snowfalls in the winter, which means that our spring melt out is epic. Spring is the best time of year for waterfalls, rainforest hikes, and many Revy locals' favorite pastimes - trying to cram as many sports as possible into a single day. Here are some great ideas for what to do with your FREE national park pass as the trails become snow-free:

1. Visit the historic Nels Nelsen Ski Jump.

You can step into "Nels' Knickers" in an interactive art piece erected on the site of the historic ski jumps. Parking is at the Nels Nelsen Historic Area. Not up for a steep walk? After the May long weekend, the upper trailhead is at km 4 on the Meadows in the Sky Parkway.

2. Hike the Inspiration Woods Trail.

In lower Mount Revelstoke National Park, the Inspiration Woods Trail lives up to its name and offers an outstanding forest bathing experience. Before the Meadows in the Sky Parkway opens on the May long weekend, parking is at the Parkway welcome kiosk (adds 1 km round trip).

3. Admire the views.

The Meadows in the Sky Parkway offers 7 unique viewpoints of the surrounding valleys. These can be accessed by car, foot, or bike (if you’re up for a workout!). The parkway opens gradually as it becomes snow-free (view status here).

The lower section of the parkway is anticipated to open on May 20th, the closure point is dependent on snow conditions.

4. Experience the giant cedars.

The Giant Cedars Boardwalk opens in late May or early June and offers serene encounters with towering 500-year-old cedar trees. For the best chances of viewing birds and other wildlife, visit in the early morning or early evening. View trail status here.

5. Picnic at The Skunk Cabbage Day Use Area.

Listen to the roar of the Illecillewaet River in its spring flood while you eat lunch. The picnic area opens in late May or early June. The boardwalk itself is closed until further notice for maintenance.

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Step into history.

Before visiting the Park, learn about Mount Revelstoke National Park and its history and significance to Revelstoke.

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Current Trail Conditions
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Before planning your day, make sure you check for information on the latest trail conditions. In the spring, many of our higher elevation trails will be snow covered.

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