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Revelstoke Summer Street Fest

59 nights of FREE live music!

The annual Revelstoke Summer Street Fest offers up FREE live music outdoors in Grizzly Plaza every night of the week, from 6:30 – 9:00 pm, starting June 29 – August 25, 2019! This event is brought to you by the Revelstoke Arts Council.

Street Fest features many different genres of music including indie, folk, rock, country, reggae, roots & blues and much more!
See below for the 2019 Summer Street Fest Band Line-Up.

Saturday, June 29th – Revelstoke Highlanders Pipe Band
Saturday, June 29th – The Carbons
Sunday, June 30th – Revelstoke Community Band
Monday, July 1st – The Staggers and Jaggs
Tuesday, July 2nd – Myra Morrison & Denis Severino
Wednesday, July 3rd – Broken Brothers
Thursday, July 4th – Under The Rocks
Friday, July 5th – Jackson Hollow
Saturday, July 6th – Wooden Horsemen
Sunday, July 7th – WiL
Monday, July 8th – Naomi Shore
Tuesday, July 9th – The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
Wednesday, July 10th – The Al Lee Soundscape
Thursday, July 11th – Holly Hyatt
Friday, July 12th – Willy Blizzard
Saturday, July 13th – Bassy Dave & The Groovineers
Sunday, July 14th – Coldwater Road
Monday, July 15th – Flint and Feather
Tuesday, July 16th – The Red Hot Hayseeds
Wednesday, July 17th – The Rev
Thursday, July 18th – Nice Verdes
Friday, July 19th – Kutapira
Saturday, July 20th – Class Action
Sunday, July 21st – Hanne Kah
Monday, July 22nd – The Long War
Tuesday, July 23rd – Diyet and the Love Soldiers
Wednesday, July 24th – The Nova Scotiables
Thursday, July 25th – Lester Mclean
Friday, July 26th – Tennyson King
Saturday, July 27th – Leila Neverland
Sunday, July 28th – El Niven and The Alibi
Monday, July 29th – Bill Price with Grover Parido
Tuesday, July 30th – This Way North
Wednesday, July 31st – The Paperboys
Thursday, August 1st – Elage Diouf
Friday, August 2nd – Mariel Buckley
Saturday, August 3rd – Frank Rackow & The Black Sea
Sunday, August 4th – Terence Jack
Monday, August 5th – Matt Blais
Tuesday, August 6th – Dirty Catfish Brass Band
Wednesday, August 7th – Maggie Davis & Katie Marti
Thursday, August 8th – West My Friend
Friday, August 9th – Locarno
Saturday, August 10th – The Om Sound
Sunday, August 11th – Namgar
Monday, August 12th – Maritime Kitchen Party
Tuesday, August 13th – Sean Ashby
Wednesday, August 14th – Bob Rogers Band
Thursday, August 15th – Marble Canyon
Friday, August 16th – MNGWA Band
Saturday, August 17th – Gabriel Palatchi Band
Sunday, August 18th – Ben Klick
Monday, August 19th – The Jessica Stuart Few
Tuesday, August 20th – Sarah Jane Scouten
Wednesday, August 21st – Danny Bell Trio
Thursday, August 22nd – Viper Central
Friday, August 23rd – The Sturgeons
Saturday, August 24th – She Hangs Brightly
Sunday, August 25th – Sister Speak

To apply to play in Revelstoke Summer Street Fest 2020 email