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Revelstoke Heritage Week – Get Amongst It!

Revelstoke’s history is tied to logging and the railway. Photo: Revelstoke Museum & Archives

Revelstoke Heritage Week is featuring the 2016 B.C. Historical Federation Conference, attracting historians from across the province to share in dozens of Revelstoke events.

Axe throw, stock chainsaw and choker race — one might think Revelstoke had gone back to medieval times with this line-up.


Logging is ingrained in Revelstoke’s fabric and the industry is celebrated as part of Heritage Week activities from May 20–28.

Revelstoke Museum and Archives curator Cathy English explains how the industry came to be such a focal part of Revelstoke’s economy.

“As the railway was being constructed, and the town of Farwell was developing, mills sprang up throughout the region,” she said. “Sawmills and logging remain a mainstay of the local economy.”

Dan Boltwood leads his team of Percheron horses through a logging demonstration at the B.C. Interior Forestry Museum in 2015.
Dan Boltwood leads his team of Percheron horses through a logging demonstration at the B.C. Interior Forestry Museum in 2015.

The Revelstoke’s B.C. Interior Forestry Museum and Discovery Centre, opened on Tuesday May 17, and kicked off Heritage Week festivities with a number logging demonstrations and kids events.

The Revelstoke Heritage Week fun really began on Timber Day, this past Saturday. There was a variety of activities and hilarious competitions including the pie gobble and the Groucho Marx.

The Groucho Marx is one of the day’s most popular events. Competitors try to extinguish each others’ cigars with a can of water. The last man or lady standing wins and can smoke their cigar in peace.

Revelstoke Heritage Week – History in Revelstoke

Not only does Timber Day give Revelstoke a chance to celebrate our past, this year we’re also the humble hosts of the B.C. Historical Federation Conference. We last held the event for history enthusiasts back in 2002.

“We have the opportunity to showcase our community and its history to 60 or more history enthusiasts from throughout the province,” English explained.

Full Revelstoke Heritage Week – BC Historical Federation Conference Schedule

The Groucho Marx competition at Revelstoke Timber Day.
The Groucho Marx competition at Revelstoke Timber Day.

One of the exciting features of this conference, which is open to the public, is the Land of the Thundering Snow presented by conference keynote speaker Dr. John Woods.

The Land of the Thundering Snow is Revelstoke’s project on avalanches and snow science in Canada and it has been nationally recognized recently, receiving an Award of Outstanding Achievement from the Canadian Museums Association.

“John Woods spent many hours researching the history of avalanche events, research, and snow science, and has some exciting stories to tell about this fascinating subject,” English said.

“As well as this, there is a great variety of presentations, receptions, and tours, with something for everyone.”


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