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Revelstoke: A Real Rumpus Room by #TheRealStoke ambassador, Greg Hill

Sitting down last night at the Distillery in town, I came upon our new local beer; Rumpus. As I savoured my first sip I asked Fred, its creator, “why the name Rumpus?”.

“ Well… it’s how I see Revelstoke, as a rumpus room”. He answered. Ha, I thought, great idea… then as I wandered home later I thought about it more and more. 

Is Revelstoke simply a glorified rumpus room?  A place where kids with too much energy and excitement get sent to play? Or where families head to tire their kids out?

When I think back to my rumpus room as a kid, I realize how great a zone it was. We had all sorts of toys, board games, an Atari 64… Sure our parents sent us there when we were in trouble, but it was such a great space to entertain myself and my siblings.  Endless days were spent imagining, adventuring in my mind, playing and pillow fighting. I remember skiing my lego guy all across the couch, hitting huge airs with him and shredding off imagined mountain tops.  

Now, as adults, we are mature enough to understand our desires, our energies, and perhaps we realize that the other rooms in this metaphorical house are not for us. The Rumpus room is our happy place. So now instead of being sent there, we decide on our own, and bring our families to either visit on vacation or live here permanently.

What is incredible with our adult rumpus room is not only do we get to decide the toys, but by choosing Revelstoke we are deciding on what the room is. It’s the rumpus room with no walls and no restrictions; big mountains, wild rivers, rainforest and alpine lakes. Immense natural beauty around every corner. The room transforms with the seasons- warm summer days, snowy winters, blooming springs, leaf strewn falls. It’s the ever changing, always engaging, fully rewarding playground.

Taken after bagging our first summit of Mount Begbie as a family. Photo: Rob Buchanan

As spring melts into summer, school is ending and family time is starting. As a Revelstoke family we don’t need a rumpus room at home. We are permanently in our room and it is time to get rid of our excess energies.  The options are endless, so where to begin? Last summer we climbed Mt-Begbie, which was incredible, and camped a lot… This summer what shall we get up to?  Hikes in Rogers Pass and Mt-Revelstoke for sure, and trying out the new trails above the gondola on Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Mountain biking some of the new trails on Mount Macpherson and ideally hitting trails the kids have yet to ride.

There is no doubt, Revelstoke is our rumpus room, and I have become that Lego guy I played with as a kid. I have sent myself forever up to the playroom to get rid of my excess energy, and I have brought my family with me.


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