Live your best life, but do it respectfully.

Exploring our beautiful neck of the woods from a home on wheels is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. The freedom of an extended road trip a great way to explore. While you're visiting Revelstoke with your van or RV, we encourage you to follow some simple rules to maximize your adventure while mitigating any potential negative impacts. Practicing responsible #VanLife is about more than just ensuring that you don't litter; it's about becoming part of our community while you visit.

Photo: @adventure.vehicles.bc
Photo: @adventure.vehicles.bc

Know the lay of the land.

It's important that before hitting the road you understand the rules for where you can park up for the night. We recommend taking advantage of our provincial recreation sites while you're in Revelstoke. They are well equipped, inexpensive, and will give you a great wilderness experience. If you plan on staying in unestablished spots, make sure you read up on the rules surrounding crown land.

Before parking up, find out:

  • Who owns the land?
  • What are the local regulations?
  • How long are you allowed to camp?
  • Are there fire restrictions?
  • What wildlife is in the area and how do I need to properly store my food, trash, and scented items?
  • Are there bathroom/trash facilities or do I need to plan for waste disposal (including things like pistachio shells and fruit peels)?

Support Local.

Revelstoke has a great array of shops and restaurants to fill your needs. If you're here on a Saturday, our local farmers market in an excellent place to stock up on provisions. If you can't make the market, we have several great grocery stores and a number of outdoor outfitters. There is a perception that van dwellers don't contribute to our local economy and wellbeing; help us correct that perception by supporting Revelstoke's small businesses! Here are some simple ideas:

  • Eat at least one meal at a local restaurant;
  • Visit one of our local museums; and
  • Rent adventure equipment from one of our local providers, or better yet, take a tour!
Woman selling vegetables Revelstoke Farmers Market
meadows in the sky rv

Manage your waste.

If your rig isn't equipped with a toilet, camp in established sites or places with toilet facilities. For those who need to deal with RV waste, Revelstoke has a sanidump facility located at 1625 Powerhouse Road. For garbage and recycling, check the hours of the dump. Please don't dump your garbage in public use cans, and be aware that Revelstoke is home to a lot of wildlife, particularly bears, so ensure that you secure your garbage at all times.

Become a community member.

Visiting responsibly means treating our community as you would your own. Be respectful of bylaws, control your pets, and minimize your impact on our environment. If you are staying for a little while, consider volunteering for one of our many local non-profits.

They say home is where you park it, so make sure you treat Revelstoke like your home while you're here.


Mount Macpherson from downtown Revelstoke. Photo: Tom Poole

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