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Powder Hounds!

Try ‘mushing’ the dogs or sit tight and enjoy the ride!

Come ride with the “real” powder hounds.

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Revelstoke dog sledding is an experience like no other, and the perfect addition to everyone’s Revelstoke winter itinerary. The whole family will love the experience, whether you’d like to try “mushing” the dogs or prefer to sit back and watch the scenery whiz by from the comfort of the sled.

You’ll be whisked along snowy trails, around tight corners and over hills by teams of Alaskan racing huskies led by an experienced musher. Learn about the dogs, the sport of dogsledding, the history of dogsledding in Revelstoke and gain a new perspective on the natural environment. If you love dogs, dogsledding is a must-do.

Revelstoke Dog Sledding FAQs:

How long is the typical Revelstoke Dog Sledding tour?

All tours last approximately 3 hours.

Do the dogs like it?

The dogs at Revelstoke Dog Sledding live to run. Their excitement to be pulling your sled is evident from the moment you meet them!

Revelstoke Dog Sledding – Locals Tip

Treat it like any other winter activity and bundle up. You’ll be feeling the wind on your face as you glide along, so be prepared with a warm jacket, snow pants, warm boots, gloves or mitts, and a toque. You might also want a neck warmer, though make sure if you’re wearing a scarf that the ends are tightly tucked in so they don’t get caught on anything.