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The River Pirates

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The River Pirates! Join a mad-cap adventure of mayhem, mutiny & lost treasure on this hilarious river-based theatre adventure! While licensed raft guides navigate the Columbia River, theatre students put on a show. The kids sing songs, learn jokes, battle with swords and find the gold! Let your child (and big kids, too) live out the fantasy!

Performed in a hilarious improv style, our crazy Captain and First-Mate (theatre students) will have you in stitches and the little ones bedazzled, while our licensed raft guides safely navigate the raft. The experience lasts 2.5 hours, and includes a 1-hour float on a calm section of the Columbia River, just outside of Revelstoke. PFDs (lifejackets) & water resistant tops / pants are provided. Little pirates get bandannas and face-painting, plus they take home the props: a foam dagger, a velvet bag of gems and gold coins, and an official Pirate Certificate. PLUS free photos!

How to be a Pirate!
Step 1. Be transformed into a fearsome or dazzling pirate with face-paint, bandannas and choose your pirate name!
Step 2. Find a map, board the boat, and head off to dig for treasure! Along the way, learn pirate songs and some (really bad) pirate jokes!
Step 3. Follow the map, keep a sharp lookout and help the hapless crew navigate 9km down the Columbia River.
Step 4. The treasure map leads you ashore, where perhaps, if it’s a lucky day and the earth is tilted just right, you’ll find the gold!
Step 5. BUT SUDDENLY, it’s a plot twist and a pirate goes rogue! There’s a tremendous battle as everyone joins in the swashbuckling sword fight!

Will the scoundrel escape with the treasure? Will the Captain win the day?? Join us and learn how this comical tale ends!