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Heli Canada Adventures & Revelstoke Ski Touring


1706 Dogwood Drive, Revelstoke, BC, v0e 2s1 (250) 837-5417


Heli Canada Adventures – Summer Hiking

It’s here, among the lakes and peaks, that the day’s Heli adventures will unfold under the watchful eye of your highly qualified guide. Whether you’ve chosen the quiet peace of hiking, fishing or backpacking, the adrenaline-boost
of rock climbing or mountaineering or even the relaxation of picnicking, the mountains are now yours. Except, of course, that after a day spent on the slopes, searching for the perfect photograph or and watching the wildlife as it watches you, it may well be you who belongs to the mountains.

Revelstoke Ski Touring – Winter Ski Touring

Just Imagine…standing perfectly still on the crest of a ridge. There’s no sound except the sigh of the wind through the snow-covered trees below you. Then you move, and the snow squeaks below your skis. It’s time. This trackless alpine slope is yours this afternoon — yours to carve deep trails as world-class powder flies up around your knees, yours to ski as far and as long as you want. Your only focus is keeping your tips up, as if you’re riding waves of pure white gold.