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Rocking Out

Rocking Out

Day 1

Head out to Begbie Bluffs, a zone housing single pitch, easily accessible sports climbing.   This climbing area is located just 10 minutes out of town on Hwy 23 S.  A 15 minute walk on a well-defined trail will have you climbing in no time!  This area is kid and dog friendly, and most walls have afternoon sun.  A spectacular day can be spent on these key walls: Raptor wall, Rabbit wall, Popeye wall, and Bifacial wall.  Some of the best climbs in this area are: High and Dry 5.8, Bifacial Retouch 5.9, Quid Pro Quo 5.10a, Octagon 10.b, Good Guys Wear Black 5.10b, Flashdance 5.11a, and Spanakopita 5.11c.

Day 2

Spend the morning at Blanket Canyon/Blanket Creek Bridge: Single pitch steep sports climbs in a shady canyon where you’ll find solitude by the flowing creek.  This area is located 24 kms from town on Hwy 23 S, there is a 5 minute steep walk in, and you’ll find climbs ranging from 5.10a – 5.12b.  The best climbs at Blanket Canyon: Schweppes 5.10a, Zygote 5.11b, Security Blanket 5.12b.  The best climbs at Blanket Creek Bridge: Undercover 5.10c, Electric Blanket 5.11b, Blanket Arete 5.10d (2-pitches).  These areas are not suitable for kids or dogs.

Enjoy a picnic lunch at Shaketown, full of short single pitch sports climbing and socializing.  Try your hand at:  Quicksilver Daydreams 5.10b, Two Hands 5.11a, Flying Shoes 5.11b.

If you’ve still got some juice, head down to Waterworld, 2-4 pitch adventurous steep sports climbs over top of Revelstoke Lake.  Just 12km on Hwy 23 N, and a 5 minute walk in, these climbs range from 5.10b – 5.12a.  Take caution of potential rock fall and always wear a helmet.   Be sure to choose a climb well within your means, as you rappel down and then climb back out.  Best climbs: Pirates of the Waterworld 5.10b and No Panic In The Titanic 5.11b.  This area is not suitable for kids or dogs.

Suggested Itinerary By: Naomi Biggin-Pound (Revelstoke Climbing Coop Member)