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Mountain Biking in Revelstoke

Mountain Biking in Revelstoke

Day 1

Photo: Bruno Long

Head out early to Mt. Macpherson for a quick spin on some classic Revy singletrack. Flowdown is a great trail that is buff and fast, while trails like Tantrum and Sex On The Beach will give you more of a technical challenge.

After your morning pedal, fuel up and get yourself dropped off at the Frisby Ridge XC trailhead. This buttery smooth out-and-back trail climbs through old growth forests and alpine meadows for 11 km’s before dropping down to a small alpine lake — very invigorating on a warm summer day! The views are amazing in all directions, but keep your eyes on the trail and revel in the fast, flowing and super-playful descent back to the trailhead parking area. Continue on to the steep and technical Ultimate Frisby DH trail and keep shredding!  This trail combo dishes up over 5000 feet of descending and measures in at 30km total!

The Frisby DH spits you out at the base of Boulder Mountain, Revelstoke’s freeride playground. Go and do some shuttle laps of Loggin’ Leftovers, Iron Lotus, or, local’s favourite, Boondocker. There are about a dozen distinct trails on Boulder which offer something for everyone. Wooden features, jumps, drops, steeps, and high speed flow are all found on these DH trails. Finish your day shuttling right into the sunset.


Day 2

Athlete: Luke Stevens. Photo: Steve Shannon. Location: Sale Mountain

Start your morning with a scenic drive to the Keystone Standard Basin trailhead. Keystone is another Revelstoke alpine treasure;  more technically demanding than Frisby, Keystone is an 11.5 km out-and-back trail that challenges riders with its steep punchy climbs, rugged fast descents and exposed side-hill sections, all mixed in with the most perfect alpine singletrack you will find anywhere! This backcountry trail sports ridiculous views and is the epitome of Revelstoke mountain biking. Big mountains and big adventure!

On your way back to town you will find the Sale Mtn FSR and the EPIC Martha Creek DH trail, a favourite amongst Dh’ers and Enduro riders.  Shuttle up 5000 feet to the summit of Sale Mountain and get gripped for a thrilling 9 km descent! The trail finishes at the Martha Creek Provincial Park on the shores of Lake Revelstoke, the perfect place to wrap up your weekend with a refreshing swim and a satisfying “Cheers!”

Suggested Itinerary by: Matt Yaki (Wandering Wheels Owner/Operator)