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Moto Sports Mayhem

Moto Sports Mayhem

Day 1

Warm up with some laps of our tracks to get the blood flowing:

-Full sized motocross track with plenty of big, safe tabletops to launch and big, sandy berms to rail

-An Endurocross track with the latest and usual obstacles

-A separate and specific kids and beginner track

Once you’ve had your fill of the tracks, beginners, check out “Kick Start” or “Easy Street.”  If you are a more Intermediate skilled rider, “Ego Trip” is a huge hit.  Each of these trails are on the Lower Frisby network.

Once you’ve reached expert status, after some loops on “Hybrid” or “Squirrel City “, the long and very challenging “Rowlands Revenge” will give you what you desire.  This trail, with its remoteness, relentless features, and amazing views, will certainly go down as one of the premier trails in Canada.

Day 2

Head to Great Canadian Tours to rent a side by side. With 1000cc under the pedal and a 2 or 4 seat option, explore hidden waterfalls and secluded beaches on the edge of Lake Revelstoke. Take in the alpine views on Boulder Mountain or Frisby Ridge in these robust ATV machines. Book a guided tour or take a family trip. (Children must be 12 years and older).