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A Hikers Hallelujah

A Hikers Hallelujah

Day 1

Explore our backyard at Mount Revelstoke National Park.  From town, you can walk up into the Park, accessing the 2 km, 5 km and Inspiration (3 km) loops as well as the 10 km summit trail which takes you to the top.  This park spans the gamut of ecosystems, from rain forest (Interior Cedar/Hemlock) in lower realms, ascending to the snow forest (Engelman Spruce/Subalpine Fir) and ending at the summit in upper subalpine meadows. These meadows are flower-filled in July and August.  From the summit, thre are various short loops (each approximately 1 km in length), as well as some longer hikes towards Eva and Miller Lakes and Jade Pass.  These lakes offer a refreshing dip on a hot day!  For even better views, hike up to Jade Pass.

Day 2

Pack a lunch and head out for the day 45 minutes east on Hwy #1 to Rogers Pass: the centre of Glacier National Park. Here is the birthplace of North American mountaineering and the park is also steeped in railway history.  Glacier National Park is well named, and when at Rogers Pass, you will see glaciers to the north and the south.

Abbott’s Ridge is a local favorite, offering 360 degree views of the surrounding peaks once on the ridge.  Park at the Asulkan/Illecillewaet parking lot to access the trailhead.  The official trail ends near the start of the ridge but you can continue towards the summit of Mt. Abbott for a little ways if you are comfortable with exposure.

Suggested Itinerary by: Nancy Geismar (Resident Hiking Heiress