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For The Night Owl

For The Night Owl

Day 1

A good place to start is at The Cabin, the local bowling alley and cocktail lounge.  If you’re looking for somewhere a little more intimate, the 112 lounge is a great meeting place, featuring another tasty cocktail menu.  Keep your eyes open for when they bring in amazing guitarist and blues singer, Wes Mackey, who has a strong local following.

Day 2

Spend a night pub hopping.  There are numerous bars in Revelstoke to watch sports and you can likely find live music every night of the week between the various locations.  Pubs like the River City Pub, the Big Eddy Pub, and the Last Drop all deliver great live acts that will always produce a stellar party.  If it’s the clubbing scene that attracts you, Traverse Night Club provides world class Dj’s, and is home to the largest dance floor in town.

The local’s trend:

Tuesdays – Hip Hop Toonie Tuesday at the River City Pub

Wednesdays – Wings at the Big Eddy Pub, Triple Threat at The Cabin, and Open Mic at the Last Drop

Thursdays – House system at Traverse Featuring Dexaville

Weekends – Every bar in town will be throwing some kind of event, so keep your options open.  Generally speaking, the River City Pub has a great top 40 Dj, the Last Drop offers steady live music and Traverse has you’re clubbing needs covered.

To really know what’s going on, do what the locals do…check out the venues Facebook pages, Listen to Stoke FM (92.5), check, or scan the Stoke List at

Itinerary Suggestions: By Jay Shoji (Traverse Nightclub General Manager)