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A Heli Of A Time

A Heli Of A Time

Day 1

After warming up with a day on the resort, book a day-trip with any of the cat ski operations around Revelstoke. Either join a group as a solo rider, or talk to the operation about filling a cat with a group of friends. Click into a pair of fat skis (ski and snowboard rentals are included in the tour price) and enjoy amazing deep powder descents and cozy climbs, as you kick back with a hot cup of tea or a delicious snack in the cat as it carries you back up the slope for another round. Don’t forget to load up your ipod with music that gets you pumped to ride, most cats are equipped with sound systems, and are happy to facilitate between run dance – parties.

Day 2

With a belly full of gourmet cookies, (cat and heliski operations are known for fueling their guests with decadent cuisine) and a day of powder skiing under your belt, you’ll be ready for an aerial tour of the vast glaciers and lofty peaks that surround Revelstoke. Many of the local heliski operations offer an array of single and multi-day packages to suit your needs and budget. To have full discretion over your experience organize a group of four and book a private A-star tour.  If you are on your own, or want to meet new skiers- join in on a larger group and sit back and enjoy the ride!

There is always more to discover and for many guests a few days of cat or heliskiing just isn’t enough.  To fully immerse yourself in the experience consider a week-long backcountry escape at one of the luxurious heli or cat-ski lodges close by.

Itinerary Suggested By: Izzy Lynch (Mica Heliskiing Sales & Marketing Manger)