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  • Wednesday, February 28, 2018
  • 9:00 PM

Five Alarm Funk

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Five Alarm Funk is an eight-piece funk band out of Vancouver that for the better part of a decade has become known for their hard-hitting performances. With deep-rooted grooves complemented by larger-than-life horns and shred-heavy guitars, Five Alarm Funk continues to plot their United States takeover. Earlier in the spring, the band released their 6th studio album, Sweat, which sees the band imbuing their dance-oriented funk sound with tastes of psychedelic rock, ska, prog-metal, Latin, and more.

Today, Five Alarm Funk has just dropped a brand-new music video for a number off their new album titled “Widowmaker”. The song itself boasts a massive, heavy sound, taking on a dark, rumbling tone after the song’s initial climactic build. As drummer and vocalist Tayo Branston detailed, “‘Widowmaker’ is a hard-hitting groove that mixes intense horn melodies with punchy, driving bass and sinister guitars. We wanted to create a show starter when writing it, something that immediately catches your attention and directly lets you know what kind of night you’re in for. I can say the same for this video. Our director Matt did an awesome job, as well as the dancers Navid and Kelanie, setting this beautiful dance to the death into motion.”