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Nadine Overwater's Love Letter to the Revelstoke Mountains

Harry Styles once said:

“Don’t choose the one who is beautiful to the world; but rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful.”

If I am going to go in ‘one direction’ with this – it is the direction of nature and that deep desire of attachment to it.

But seriously, all puns and boy bands aside I want to write about my new understanding of why I have come to land in Revelstoke, and why I find it so hard to leave.

Snowmobile hug mountain top
Mountain hugs. Photo: Olga McCarthy

Human relationships are amazing things and necessary for healthy mentality. That being said, what is it about the company of another human that we crave and need? Is it the companionship, the listening, and the understanding of another being that can relate to similar emotions? Is it the joy of that person’s presence or that their happiness triggers equal excitement in oneself as if it were your own experience? Is it the touch or simple presence of that person that brings calmness to your soul? What is it?

Snowmobile high five
High five! Photo: Brianna Lukkar

The beauty of this little place we call Revelstoke is that it is situated right in the middle of my two favourite friend groups: the Monashee and the Selkirk mountain ranges. I sit here cradled in an infinite mountainous hug. I have no recollection of these beauties ever letting me down. When I climb their limbs I feel like I am inches from heaven–and not a thought in my head can distort my bliss. Being in the alpine on a winter’s day reminds me that all is well, and can be well, when present in the moment. These mountains have a quiet, understanding, presence when I deliver my problems. They offer a simple way of removing the stress by allowing me to use them in any passive or aggressive way–and without complaint. I am in love with these mountains as much as I could ever be in love with another human.

snowmobiling through meadow
Sled gang. Photo: Brianna Lukkar

These mountains remind me to be grateful for all that I have.

These mountains keep me humble, strong and calm.

These mountains make my world beautiful.

Nadine Overwater

Words: Nadine Overwater
#TheRealStoke Ambassador


  • Rings True ? Love It

  • Anyone who has lived here share your love and respect for these mountains! I am from Revy and left In 1977 but I can still hear her calling me back. Miss the mountains! Thank you for writing and sharing your love , it resonated with me!

    • mm

      Thanks for your comment, Helen! Nadine is a great ambassador for our town and we are so fortunate to have her sharing her passion! We hope to see you back in Revelstoke soon!

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