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Nadine Overwater: How I Found Myself Living in Revelstoke

We spend all the early years of our lives wondering where it is we are going. Then all this middle stuff happens and there we sit – wondering where it is we came from. Sometimes it seems like it is all about the beginning and the end, because those are the times we spend the most wondering about the things that have yet to happen, or perhaps have past already.

The truth of the matter is that we need to take recognition of the middle stuff a little more. These are the best years of our lives – where all of our earlier decisions have left us and where all our current decisions are shaping us. Where we will end up has finally become where we are. My point here is not some profound, wordy, existentialist rhetoric –simply savour the moment, the now, that is.


If I look back 30 years in time when I was a sporty little farm kid roaming freely in the realm of central Alberta – could I imagine my adult self planted here in Revelstoke? Absolutely not. I was a late mountain bloomer per se. My early years were spent at the rink and on the volleyball court. Sure, we had our 2 or 3 weekends a year where we loaded up the suburban and headed to Lake Louise or Panorama every winter – but not your die hard ski family. The embrace of the true backcountry did not take hold of me until my early 20’s when I discovered the access a snowmobile provided to me. This was turning point – I no longer wondered where I was going. I had transitioned into the middle ground, the part where you get to just “be”. I knew that I had to be in these mountains.

After a few more years of self-discovery and idea chasing I found myself right here in Revelstoke, BC. Comfortably nestled in this active, mountain community that is the ideal place to raise a child.

It’s been 10 years now. I can’t imagine myself in any more perfect place. Close enough, yet far enough from the buzzing cities that we still enjoy the quiet streets, but are able to catch a flight to the ocean on an international flight that is only 2 hours away. It doesn’t matter that I am not a local here, this community feeds each other and you get back exactly what you put in, and more.

So all those early years that were spent wondering where I was going, growing and learning did in fact lead me right into this utopia I belong to. There is no doubt that we wind up where we can continue to grow – and I promise you, when you arrive it will feel like the final puzzle piece. And then…? You have reached the middle part. Enjoy it, it is the best part. And then when you are old and wondering where the heck you came from – you can be certain that it was from the most amazing place on earth. And for me, that place is Revelstoke.


Words: Nadine Overwater


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