Katja Ewart
Katja Ewart. Photo: Cam Keith

Meet local shredder Katja Ewart.

Katja originally hails from Calgary, Alberta.

Why do you love revelstoke?

It's a community of fun, outdoor loving people!

What is your favourite treat in revelstoke?

A La Baguette BLT, on a whole wheat bagel, fully loaded.

Describe your perfect day in Revy.

The highway would be closed in both directions with 30cm of blower pow AND it's a bluebird day.

Where in Revelstoke do you get your adventure gear?

What is your favourite viewpoint in Revy?

The Nels Nelsen ski jump in Mount Revelstoke National Park and the Revelstoke Dam.

Do you have any advice for people who are visiting Revelstoke for the first time?

Bring muck boots (or rain boots). Blundstones don't cut it!

Where can people follow you on social media?

On Instagram at @kat_jahhh.

Katja Ewart. Photo by Cam Keith.
Katja Ewart. Photo by Cam Keith.


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