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Inside Revelstoke's Craft Brewing and Distilling Scene

The Revelstoke craft drinks scene is booming. The award winning Mt. Begbie Brewery made Revelstoke its home in 1996 but until a year and a half ago, it had no craft company. Since then, the craft industry has definitely arrived in Revelstoke, and they’re here to stay. Monashee Spirits set up their distillery on Mackenzie Avenue and Jones Distillling has made its home in the heritage Mountain View school building on 3rd Street. In the near future, Rumpus Beer, are also opening the doors to a craft brewery and lounge on 2nd Street. Exciting things are happening on the local drinks scene!

Although each brewery and distillery has different atmospheres and aims, they all share one common theme; their product is a direct result of where they are based. You can taste Revelstoke in all of their products- from using ingredients sourced from our backyard to creating products designed to match the vibe of the town. After all, why should the Revelstoke experience be limited to sights and experiences? Why not taste Revelstoke?

Mt Begbie Brewing

About the distillery

Mt Begbie beer has become almost as iconic in town as the peak itself. Since it was founded in 1996, it has become a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike and in 2017 it was named Canadian brewery of the year- an impressive feat for a small brewery in a small town. They moved into their new purpose built brewery last winter and now have a dedicated tasting room with tasty appies on offer. Take a tour to find out what makes Mt Begbie beers so unique (and delicious).


Mt Begbie has a beer for every occasion. For ideal summery beers try their High Country Kolsch, which recently won the world beer Award for best kolsch, or their clover honey infused Attila the Honey. Or, for something a little more full-bodied, try the Tall Timber.

As well as their usual stable of beers, keep an eye on their tasting room for exciting seasonal brews.

Fun facts

  • The founders are smart cookies! Bart Larson has a PhD in Nuclear Physics and Tracey Larson has a degree in Biology!
  • Their beer is available in tall cans for the first time this summer.

Monashee Spirits

About the distillery

Monashee Spirits opened in April 2017 and is the brain child of Josh and Jenn McLafferty. They produce small batch, organic spirits on MacKenzie Avenue, in the heart of downtown. Community is central to everything they do here. Their grain comes from Armstrong, BC (just down the road) and they know the farmers who produce it by name, the honey they use to ferment comes in part from the apiary on their roof. Even their spent grains are sent to the local farm, Terra Firma, for their animals or transformed into tasty treats at the Modern Bakeshop across the road from the distillery. The idea behind their distilling is that nothing they make there can be made exactly the same anywhere else in the world- they are distilling the spirit of Revelstoke. Literally.


The products on offer have a ski town vibe. Their Vulcan’s Fire cinnamon liqueur is a treat for warming up after a day on the slopes and their ever popular Big Mountain Creamer is the ultimate apr├Ęs luxury,  but the star of the show is their Ethos gin. The ingredients for it are foraged locally and the finished product even smells like the Revelstoke alpine!

Later this year, they will also be producing a brandy made from fruit gleaned as part of the Bear Aware project (for which the profits will go to the Local Food Initiative) and next year, a whiskey. You can get your hands on their products at the distillery, the farmers’ markets on Saturdays, Cheers liquor store and the Big Eddy liquor store.

Every week, the distillery have a signature cocktail available (which can all be made gluten free or vegan).

Fun facts

  • The distillery is totally plastic free.
  • In the window of the distillery, there is an antique diving helmet. This is a nod to Josh’s former career as a deep sea diver and welder.
  • The distillery is dog friendly.

Jones Distilling

About the distillery

Jones Distilling is located on 3rd street in a heritage school building. The renovations undertaken by the team at Jones have transformed this historic building into a stylish tasting room and distillery with panoramic views of the mountains. The history of the building and its place in the local community were a key focus for Jones, and it shows in the care taken to restore this building to its former glory. Both Jones and his head distiller are master distillers and their passion shows in the products. 


Forget what you think you know about vodka. The Jones product is smooth enough that the tasting room serves vodka at room temperature, to demonstrate the products quality, and it is still delicious. It is made from locally sourced ingredients and everything they use comes from BC. Currently, Jones Distilling have vodka on offer- with more products coming later in the year. Snap up a bottle of their finest at the distillery, in Cheers liquor store or at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Fun facts

  • You can buy cool Mr Jones merchandise in the distillery- great as gifts or souvenirs.
  • The state of the art equipment used to distill their products is the only one in Canada and can control temperature to a fraction of a degree- meaning perfect vodka every time. It’s compact enough that you can see it all on display in their tasting room.

Rumpus Beer Company

About the brewery

Rumpus Beer Co. is coming to Revelstoke later this year. It is the long time dream of master brewer, Fred, and his wife, Dana, to start a small beer company for local people and visitors. Fred has been working as a brewer for 11 years and brewing at home much longer. He’s so serious about his beer that he even talks to his yeast! The name Rumpus reflects the outlook of the company, bringing beer and fun together. Although the brewery is not yet open, they are aiming for a relaxed lounge vibe where people can drink beer made in interesting ways. It will be a beer geek’s dream as well as a place where people who don’t usually drink beer might still find a beer they like. Fred is certainly a craft beer enthusiast and happy to see fellow enthusiasts but you don’t need to know a thing about beer to enjoy a visit here. All the products will be produced locally, with no aspirations to sell the beer further afield, making it a truly local experience!


The brewery isn’t quite open yet and the idea is that there will be a constantly evolving menu, based on what people are enjoying. However, Fred likes to make easy drinking beers, using wild yeast collected from the immediate area when possible. 

Fun Facts

  • A lot of the exciting details about the brewery are under wraps until the opening but Fred and Dana promise some fun twists (and a t-shirt cannon!)
  • The front of the brewery will be decorated with seasonal local art.
  • There will be a dedicated growler fill station in the lounge. 

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  • I miss the days of homemade moonshine and purple porch climber red wine

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