explore revelstoke's backcountry from a local cabin.

In my mind there is nothing more idyllic than a cute little cabin in the mountains. It might sound cliche but the thing about cliches is they normally have a lot of truth to them. Revelstoke is lucky enough to have numerous backcountry huts in its vicinity. If you are like me, the idea of getting away from it all and enjoying a few days with great people skiing in the backcountry, is near the top of my list.


It's actually more affordable and easier than you think to you make this dream a reality. It does require some pre-planning, as most of the these huts are now booked at least a year in advance, but the experience is truly second to none and should be experienced by all. There really is nothing like waking up with a steamy cup of coffee and feasting your eyes on the vast mountains that surround you.

As if it weren't enough to wake up in this perfect setting, it also means the skiing is literally right outside the front door. No sketchy driving, no slogging up valley bottoms; just pure stoke.

Here are some of my favourite tips for lodge life:

  • Ear plugs- There are a lot of humans in a small space, it can be loud but with good ear plugs you can get a great night of sleep.
  • Help out- There is a lot going on at these huts and normally the more the help that is offered, the faster you get to go skiing. It is also rewarding and fulfilling to help out the group for a common goal.
  • No WIFI- There are more and more lodges with WIFI, it is normally kinda of crappy and frustrating. What are you really going to do from the lodge anyway? Keep your phone on airplane mode and take a break from it. We all know we need it.
  • Slippers- It's nice to give your feet the break they deserve.
  • Preparation is key- There normally aren’t too many extras up at the hut so make sure you have everything. Skins, beacon, shovel, probe are all essential.
  • Favourite beverage- Nothing like an adult beverage or two at the end of a great day of skiing!
  • Comfortable boots- Anyone that has experienced foot pain in ski boots can relate to this. Showing up with brand new touring boots isn’t a great option. Make sure you spend a few days in boots to make sure they are dialed before you go into the lodges. There aren’t any punches up there, so what you have is what you've got.

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