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How to be a traveller not a tourist in Revelstoke.

Traveller or tourist? What’s the difference? Travel is about more than going to a place just to check it off a bucket list, it’s about experiencing the local vibes, taking in the things that make a place unique, and really experiencing all the place has to offer. If that sounds like your idea of good time, then you might just be a traveller!

Here in Revelstoke we have a team of volunteers, primed and waiting to show you how to enjoy Revelstoke like a true traveller. Since May, Revelstoke has been part of Global Greeters, an international program designed to help travellers get the best of the places they visit through local insights and insider tips. Best of all? It’s totally free.

The Greeters aren’t guides, they’re just people who are stoked on the beautiful place they live in and eager to show people what makes it so special; so you can experience Revelstoke like a true local; find tips, secret spots, and get a truly unique view of the town we love to call home.

Still need convincing? Here are our top 5 reasons to get a Global Greeter and experience Revelstoke as more than a tourist:

Find the hidden gems

Sometimes the best spots are a little off the beaten track. Your Greeter can help you find those little slices of heaven that the guide books just don’t know about.

Find the hidden gems

Get the lowdown on the best coffee spots

It takes a true local to know which coffee shops to hit for your exact java needs. Whether you’re after a drip or a fancy flat white- your Greeter will know just the place!
Photo: La Baguette

Get the lowdown on the best coffee spots

Discover Revelstoke’s best beaches

Revelstoke’s full of secluded places by the water that you’d never spot from the road! Tap your Greeter for intel on where you can get a beach all to yourself.
Photo: Chris Payne

Discover Revelstoke's best beaches

Step into the past

The museums in town are full of amazing facts about the history of Revelstoke, but they can’t tell all of the stories of the community. Whether it’s tales of yore, or more recent memories- your Greeter will be full of stories you won’t find elsewhere!
Photo: Revelstoke Museum and Archives

Step into the past

Get the inside track

Sometimes, a great ride is about more than finding a trail on a map. Not only do the many of the locals know where to find the best dirt based on the conditions, but they’ll also know how to link trails to make for a sweet day on your bike!
Photo: Forrest the Vizsla

Get the inside track

Once you’ve experienced Revelstoke as a traveller, it’ll be hard to ever imagine being just a tourist again!

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