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Hike, Bike, Climb: The Big Three in Revelstoke

Far away from the world of honking cars and light pollution is the peaceful outdoor retreat of Revelstoke. Brimming with foliage, snowcapped mountains, and a quaint downtown, the city is an ideal haven for those who love the outdoors. Expedia Canada is all about stretching your legs in new places, which is why we’re taking over the Revelstoke blog to bring you a nimble bike, hike, and climb guide to Revelstoke.


There are few better vantage points than from atop a bike seat, whizzing through mountain passes. Set your gears, put on your helmet, and try out the Frisby Ridge Trail. The path winds through alpine meadows, with views of Columbia River Valley and Mt. Begbie in the distance. It has a higher elevation than other trails, so you might want to do some breathing exercises before you arrive on the mountain peak. For something more on the extreme spectrum, try out Keystone. Endurance cyclists tend to use Standard Peak as their end target and enjoy the view of open fields and greenery on the way there. It’s well worth the extra push on the pedals.

Revelstoke Mountain Bike Frisby Ridge Marty


To say there’s plentiful rock climbing in Revelstoke is to say that there are a lot of flowers in the meadows. There are 14 different climbing areas, 46 developed cliffs, 304 routes, and 444 pitches in total. If you’re new to the vertical sport, try out the “Drive-In” section, where the climb is only 15 m. This is in comparison to “The Noose” and “The Last Tango,” where the paths go as high as 450 m. Part of what’s made Revelstoke a must-climb destination is the variety of scenery during the ascends. Once you get to the top, you can spot the region’s deep forests, rolling valleys, and icy glaciers.

Rock Climbing Revelstoke Summer


Lace up your favorite sneakers; there’s a ton of great hiking in Revelstoke. Beginners tend to choose self-guided tours like the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail or Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk Trail. Both of these pathways are less than 1.5 km long, and take you through 500-year-old cedar trees and skunk cabbage. Intermediate and advanced hikers can often be found deeper in Mount Revelstoke National Park on pathways like the Eva Lake, Miller Lake, or Jade Lakes trails. These treks range from 5-9 km, and pass through meadows, sub-alpine fir trees, and cool bodies of water.

Forest walk way family hike

Next time you find yourself in Revelstoke, be prepared to explore the great outdoors with the big three. Gather up your climbing rope, hiking boots, and bike helmet, and we’ll see you out on the trails!


  • heading to Revy on Sunday 13 Sept to mountain bike. is there a shuttle service to get up to Frisby? name? number? email?


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