Evenings under the night sky, the crackle of the campfire, the feeling of being at one with nature- we love a good camping trip.

Whilst sleeping in the great outdoors is fantastic, the prep for a camping trip isn’t always so easy. Here are our top tips for making your trip to the great outdoors really, actually great.

Beachside Camping on Lake Revelstoke
  • Take a cotton pad dipped in wax or petroleum jelly. These make handy fire starters, they’re easy to keep with the camping gear and will help you get your fire started in all weathers. If you’re really in a bind, you can also use hand sanitiser or corn chips to get the fire going!


  • Sage on the campfire to keep away mosquitoes. Throw a bunch of sage on your campfire to help keep the mosquitoes away without the chemicals.


  • Take a game for the kids. Keep them busy while you put the tent up.


  • Freeze water bottles and pop them in your cool box. Packing the cool box can make or break your meal prep while camping. Keep your food cooler longer by freezing water bottles and putting them in the box- this gives you cold drinking water as it melts and keeps your food nicely chilled. Pack the food you’ll eat last at the bottom of the box and the food you’ll eat first at the top to avoid having to dig through it. Remember that all food should be stored in a way that won’t attract wildlife.


  • Try Wikicamps. Download this app to your smartphone for information on neat camping spots near you. Or use our website to find a spot in Revelstoke.


  • Cord for a clothes line. Camping near the lake? Expecting rain? Don’t forget the cord to make a line to dry your wet stuff, because nobody wants to put wet clothes back on!


  • Headlamps for the win! Not only is hands free light an essential for cooking in the dark, but a headlamp against a full water bottle makes for a fantastic makeshift lantern.


  • Don’t forget the wet wipes. Is there nothing that can’t be cleaned with a wet wipe? When you’re away from running water, a wet wipe can be a saving grace- just be sure to always dispose of them responsibly as many aren’t biodegradable.


  • Pack the hand sanitiser. It’s not only good to stop those germs from dirty camping hands. If you’re in a pinch, this can also be used to start a fire and even to clean wounds (although it’s going to hurt!)


  • Unroll your sleeping bag when you arrive. It’s not bed time yet and you want to get out there and have fun, but not waiting until bed time to unroll your sleeping bag helps it to fill with air before you climb in, meaning it’ll keep you toasty when that temperature falls.


  • Last but definitely not least… bring duct tape. The universal fix all. Hole in your tent? Duct tape. Broken pole? Duct tape. Crack in your water bottle? Duct tape. There is little in this world that can’t be fixed with it, making it a camping essential.

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Don’t forget to leave no trace: take all your trash, fully extinguish your campfires and obey all fire bans.

Revelstoke is home to some pretty incredible wildlife and we like to keep it that way. Find out more about being bear smart and keeping a bare campsite here.

Proof of partial vaccination is now required to enter some businesses.