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Top 5 Places to Rock Climb in Revelstoke by #TheRealStoke Ambassador Christina Lusti

This blog post is brought to you by Christina Lusti – one of our Ambassadors of #TheRealStoke. Lusti is an ACMG ski guide, and is an absolute machine in the mountains. You can follow her adventures in Revelstoke on Instagram: @christinalusti.

I live for skiing, and the mountains are where I feel most at home. In the summer months, I am always out mountaineering or rock climbing – I love the challenge these sports present, and being comfortable on a rope is a skill I need for backcountry ski touring and ski guiding in the winter. Here are my five favourite areas to climb in Revelstoke!

1. Rogers Pass:

There are a bunch of class alpine options up in the Pass. My faves are Uto, Tupper and Sir Donald. You can hit one of these in a day from your car, or pack your bivy sack with you to break up the long approach.

The Arc’Teryx crew ascending Sir Donald.
Mike Verway on the summit of Macdonald.
Ascending up Sir Donald in Rogers Pass.

2. Silvertip Canyon:

With a south facing approach you will want to leave early, but once you’re in the canyon it provides a nice cool spot to climb. This zone is worth checking out – it’s my favourite place to sport climb in Revelstoke! Read more about getting to Silvertip Canyon here.

Joey Vosburgh making moves on “Little Mermaid” in Silvertip Canyon.
Joey Vosburgh and Mike Verway in Silver Tip Canyon.

3. Waterworld:

This zone is a must-do in Revelstoke for climbing. The path leading to the top is 12kms from town on Highway 23 North – from here you can rappel to the bottom. Another way to approach the area is by boat or canoe, and pull up to one of the platforms that is secured to the rock wall above the water. It’s a beautiful place to beat the heat in the morning – the sun comes onto the rock around 12:30pm. Read more about getting there.

Jami Kruger rappelling down Waterworld.
Jami Kruger on Waterworld.
Joey Vosburgh & Danyelle Magnam at Waterworld.

4. Blanket Creek:

Keep cool in the canyon! There is a tyrolean traverse across Blanket Creek at the bottom so that you can climb the upper and lower routes. I recommend climbing out via the Blanket ArĂȘte.

Ascending the Blanket Creek ArĂȘte.

5. Mulvehill:

Check out the upper and new lower crags. Upper Mulvehill is a quick approach if you are short on time. It’s kept cool with north facing shade, and I recommend bringing bug spray if you are hitting up the lower crags!

Chris Rubens at Echo Bay in Lower Mulvehill.
And here’s a shot of myself on Upper Mulvehill! Photo by William Eaton. Instagram: @williameatonphotos

Want to find out more about climbing in Revelstoke? Check out our rock climbing info!


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