In Revelstoke, we take refueling seriously.

With an array of great restaurants, cafes, and watering holes, there is plenty in Revelstoke to make for a culinary getaway. Many Revelstoke restaurants feature locally sourced ingredients, creative takes on classic dishes, and down to earth delicious cuisine.

From morning 'til night, Revelstoke's restaurants will make sure you've got the food you need to fuel your adventure.

Remember to make a booking in advance so you don't miss out!

Our favourite breakfasts.

Main Street Cheezy Apple French Toast

The Main Street Cafe is a classic Revelstoke breakfast spot, serving up great coffee in a cute heritage house right on Mackenzie Avenue. Their twist on French Toast with melty brie and crisp apples is the perfect start to the day. 

Drink pairing: A classic drip coffee, available in dark or medium roast.

La Baguette Eggs Benedict

Whatever the daily eggs benedict special is at La Baguette, order it. It’s bound to be deliciousTheir classic or quirky combos and rich hollandaise are always a welcome treat in the morning. La Baguette is known for great coffee and incredible food, including their selection of pastry and gelato.

Drink Pairing: A cappuccino.

Dose Cafe Breakfast Sandwich

Dose Cafe knows how to make an ordinary sandwich way more than ordinary. Their take on a breakfast sandwich includes delicious tomato relish that gives it a unique tangy zip.

Drink Pairing: A green smoothie to supercharge you for the day.

Cheezy Apple French Toast
Main Street Cafe's Cheezy Apple French Toast

Our Favourite Appies.

Old School's Polenta Fries

The polenta fries with kimchi ketchup at The Old School Eatery are seriously delicious. They’re fried to a perfect crisp, complementing the creamy polenta interior. The sweet, spicy, tangy kimchi ketchup pairs perfectly with the fries. 

Recommended drink pairing: A cocktail made with local Jones Vodka

Chubby Funsters' Tempura Fried Cheese Curds

Poutine is a Canadian classic, and Chubby Funster’s take on it is iconic. They take cheese curds, dip them in tempura batter, deep fry them and serve them with a side of gravy. It’s an indulgent dish, but well worth calories.

Recommended drink pairing: Mt Begbie Cream Ale

Woolsey Creek's Bruschetta

The Woolsey Creek Bistro serves up a divine bruschetta the length of a full baguette. The pairing of fresh tomatoes, fior di latte, and balsamic vinegar reduction on a fresh crispy buttered baguette is bruschetta as it should be. Get one to share with the table.

Recommended drink pairing: A glass of Okanagan Valley pinot noir - ask your server!

Tempura Fried Cheese Curds
Chubby Funsters' Tempura Fried Cheese Curds

Our Favourite Mains.

Big Eddy Burger

It wouldn’t be a Revelstoke experience without a classic burger, and the Big Eddy Pub serves up one of our favourites. It’s your standard burger done to perfection, what’s not to love? Take in the classic pub atmosphere and bite into one of Revelstoke’s best burgers.

Recommended drink pairing: Mt Begbie Kolsch

Quartermaster's Pan Seared Steelhead Trout

Steelhead trout is a BC classic. Its meat is a little heartier than other trout species, and the chefs at the Quartermaster Eatery know exactly how to cook it to perfection. The Quartermaster’s menu changes seasonally so if the steelhead isn’t available don’t worry; you can’t go wrong at this sophisticated spot.

Drink pairing: Da Silva Chenin Blanc from Naramata, BC

The Taco Club's Wet Burrito

The Taco Club has been a Revelstoke favourite since it first began as a food truck. It serves up fresh takes on Mexican cuisine in a fun location right on Mackenzie Avenue. The wet burrito means that their usual burrito is smothered in smoky enchilada sauce and baked with peppers and caramelized onions. It’s  warm, cheesy and everything you could want out of Mexican comfort foot. Vegetarians will love the avocado or yam options!

Drink pairing: The Southside Margarita

Kevin's Kitchen's Homemade Jiao Zi

Kevin’s Kitchen serves up traditional Chinese homestyle food, and their homemade dumplings or “jiao zi” are a menu highlight. Get them pan fried or steamed, whatever suits you! Pair them with a shredded lo bok salad.

Drink pairing: Jasmine Green Tea

Steak at the 112

The 112 offers a variety of cuts of beef, and whichever you choose you’re guaranteed that it will be cooked to perfection. Add on whatever toppings you like (peppercorn sauce, sauteed mushrooms, gorgonzola…) and enjoy. The 112 often features live jazz or blues music, so make sure to check in on their schedule.

Drink pairing: A glass of Okanagan merlot

112 Steak Dinner Revelstoke
A steak at the 112 Restaurant, a Revelstoke favourite.

Our Favourite Sweet Treats.

The Modern Bakery and Cafe has a huge selection of baked goods (and options to suit any dietary restriction). If you’re a chocolate fiend, the chocolate ella cupcake and the brownies are a sure fire way to satisfy your craving. The nanaimo bars are a great iteration of the classic Canadian treat.

The Twisted Berry is a perfect place to grab a sweet frozen yogurt on a hot day (or a cold day, froyo is good any time). Pick your favourite fruits and let the yogurt wizards at The Twisted Berry whip up a cold and creamy treat for you. Our favourite? Mango coconut topped with shredded coconut.

Modern Cafe Revelstoke
Nanaimo Bar at The Modern Cafe


We asked some local adventurers what they carry when they're out skiing, biking, hiking, and exploring. Here are their favourites:

Trail mix cookies from La Baguette! They fit in any pocket and give you enough energy to last those extra few hours on the mountain! - Brenda Zeelenberg, @backpackbren

The homemade energy bar from Kelly’s Baked in BC! And of course Revelstoke’s energy drink - Tall Timber! - Matt Yaki, Wandering Wheels

I love the peanut butter oat bars from The Modern! I take them on my long runs - Izzy Lynch, POW Canada

The date turnover at The Modern Cafe! It’s like an oatmeal cookie got mashed up with a date square. It’s dense and delicious! - Charlotte Sit, Chef at Mountain Standard Catering

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