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8 Incredible Photos of Revelstoke from 2016

Revelstoke certainly is an Instagrammers paradise. It was pretty difficult to narrow it down to just “8 Incredible Photos of Revelstoke”, but we did our best – there are seriously just too many incredible photos of Revelstoke!

1. Like this photo Ian Houghton shot during the Golden Hour out at Ghost Peak in the Selkirk Mountains.


2. Revelstoke photographer, William Eaton, is the king of capturing lightning storms, the northern lights, and meteor showers.


3. This photo of Chris Rubens and friends exploring Rogers Pass is pretty ridiculous. Would you do this?!

#TheVerway taking a causal five on the way down Eagle. #TheRealStoke #ExploreBC #RogerPass #Eagle

A photo posted by chrisrubens (@chrisrubens) on


4. Or this?! This is INSANE. Bruno Long capturing some wild kayakers out at Sutherland Falls at Blanket Creek Provincial Park.


5. We love this dramatic shot Zoya Lynch captured of Canada’s prized pianist, Philip Chiu, playing on top of a mountain out at Mica Heli-Skiing.

Mr. Chiu and his ? at @micaheli ⚡️#alpineconcert

A photo posted by Zoya in Revelstoke, BC (@zoyalynch) on


6. Waterworld is one of Revelstoke’s most unique rock climbing areas. Photographer, Steve Shannon, hanging out to get the shot.


7. A perfect pillow line in Rogers Pass by Jara Sijka.


8. We love this photo from Paris Gore of Mike Hopkins literally riding off into the sunset out at Joss Peak trail.

I think it’s important that once in a while you take a step back, and appreciate the people you work with. In this regard I am a fortunate individual. Not only do I get to call the great outdoors an “office”, but I get to share these experiences with talented, creative, and all around BSing “beauty’s” like @parisgore. I mean if you are going to freeze your ass off in snowy fire tower for the night, you best do it with people who are going to laugh about it in the morning. If you’re willing to put in the effort, a frozen night atop @seerevelstoke Joss Peak is worth its weight in Gold. Getting what we came for… last light over the Monashee’s while filming for a new backcountry series with @scott_secco and Paris. L| Joss Peak, Revelstoke P| @parisgore ______________________________________ #lifeofstories #onceuponahellofatime #therealstoke #optoutside

A photo posted by @mikejhopkins on

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  • Beautiful, Revelstoke is my favorite place in the whole world!

    • mm

      Thanks Mary! We hope to have you for a visit here soon!

  • Absolutely fantastic photography. Thanks to all

    • mm

      Thanks Pat! We have some pretty talented folks who call Revelstoke home these days!

  • I could move there. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Nelson BC but change is good ?

    • mm

      Nelson is beautiful too! All of the Kootenay towns have quite the charm!

  • All are excellent photos – it would be hard to pick which one is the best

    • mm

      Thanks Traci! Which one is your favorite?

  • Just amazing photos!!! Making me more excited to visit at the end of Feb!! Thanks. Hard to pick the best. My favourites are 8, 7, 4 and 2 but I think 2 wins with 8 a close second

    • mm

      Hi Julie! Looking forward to having you here in Revelstoke! Let us know if there is anything we can help you with while you’re here! I like your favorite choices!

  • Ahh mann I dream to leave Quebec and go live in Revel hehe !!

    • mm

      Doooooo it!

  • Rogers Pass is not Revelstoke… Its Golden.

    • mm

      We like to share Rogers Pass with Golden!
      Revelstoke to Rogers pass: 65.6 km
      Golden to Rogers pass: 82.7 km

  • Rogers Pass is not Revelstoke… Its Golden

  • See you on Sunday – Wed. Then to Big White

    • mm

      Awesome! You should get some great views out there!

  • I’ve only seen it’s beauty in the summer and was still blown away. I loved Golden, Rossland, and Nelson, but Revy was by far my favorite.

    • mm

      They are all beautiful places! We hope to have you visit this winter!

  • Proud to have grown up in Rev & to have experienced some of theses amazing places.

  • Love Revelstoke !!!
    Moved here 4 years ago ?

    • mm

      We’re happy you can call this place home!

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